Union Bridge
Union Bridge
Jump Gate & Trading Station
Station Services:
Shop, Jump Gate

Union Bridge is a site in the Ceto system in Everspace 2. One of the bean bags for the Edge of the Universe is located here, as well as the Primesense STA from the Trading Outpost for the In Transit main mission, which is also the source for the The Good, the Bad, and the Decent side mission.

In-game description:

The "Bridge" is the only known gate out of the remote Ceto system and connects it to the far busier Union system. During the war, Colonial leadership had a large and expensive cannon installed that aimed at the gate in case of hostile entities flooding through. It never occurred to them that the Okkar might have had their own, far more versatile wormhole technology.


This location has a high level of G&B activity with several freighters and their fighter escorts as a result of the trading outpost and the jump gate. The area itself is in orbit around a small ringed gas planet, with two wreck fields, a few large asteroids, and two large abandoned stations/structures.


Notable Loot & Points of Interest

  • One wreck field has a derelict freelancer cargo pod carrier, with some cargo pods still intact and lootable, mostly containing credits
    • Another derelict G&B freighter nearby with an opened secure container with a piece of uncommon equipment
  • Attached to the trading outpost is a secure container, which needs an energy sphere from a dispenser on a small abandoned structure on the bottom of the same large asteroid.
  • The large abandoned station has a glowing breakable panel which reveals two containers and some floating loot.
  • To the right of the main station (facing away from the jump gate), there is a small asteroid with a breakable rock which reveals several pieces of loot once broken with a missile.
  • The debris field has several pieces of loot floating around as well as a shipwreck. There is also a breakable wall as part of an encounter with a broken drone - follow the drone while shooting at and it will eventually explode in front of the wall, spewing out five or six Outlaw drones and a container. The drone drops a rare piece of equipment. The drone can be destroyed before reaching the wall, and it will need a missile shot at it to be destroyed.


  • Freelancer
  • G&B Fighter
  • Outlaw Scout
  • Outlaw Drone
  • Outlaw Webber Drone
  • Outlaw Viper
  • Outlaw Sniper Drone


  • Outpost trader
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