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Trigger Speaker Name Dialogue
First Tareen encounter Hero What's going on here?
Tareen Vermin! Draxxschrott! Bottom feeders! Plague rats!
Hero Should we help this individual? It's a Colonial ship, but it doesn't sound like a human pilot.
HIVE The ship is unregistered. Choose carefully whether to assist.
Shooting Tareen in first encounter Tareen I do not know who you are, but either you belong to this band of scum or you are a terrible shot!
Tareen In either case, I do not see how we can do business. Goodbye.
Helped Tareen in first encounter Tareen Your assistance is acknowledged. Certain outlaws will not play by the unwritten rules of this sector.
Hero Well, we've taken care of the problem... for now.
Didn't help Tareen in first encounter Tareen Mere novices. I have dealt with them accordingly, without your assistance, I note.
Hero Yeah, sorry?
After Outlaws are dead Tareen We have not yet been introduced. I am Tareen, merchant of many diverse wares.
Hero An Okkar trader? Here in the demilitarized zone? Now that's a first.
Tareen I admit it is unusual, but I am no mere trader, rather a purveyor of special acquisition. People want specific objects, I provide them what they want.
Hero That sounds fairly straight-forward.
Tareen It's a give-and-take galaxy. Perhaps you seek a partnership in some ventures?
Hero You place your trust in me very quickly.
Tareen Not for everyone, but I can see you are someone who would recognize a profitable opportunity. I will start you small. If you can obtain some scrap for me, we can talk more serious business.
Hero I'm sure I can manage that.
Tareen You can deliver the goods in installments if this is more suitable to you. My signature setting will show you my current location.
Hero Okay, sounds doable.
MISSION_Tareen_1_DLG_3 Hero Some scrap, that should be easy enough.
HIVE I noticed you did not ask about payment.
Hero I'm trusting he knows how to do business. It's a small task, nothing much to lose.
Hero Right?
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_1_FINISHED Tareen Excellent! Here is a little something as recompense for your efforts. That was easy, wasn't it?
Hero Well, I've had tougher assignments, but it was quite a lot of scrap! What would you even need it for?
Tareen Base material for recycling. Even the most sophisticated weapons need something to hold them together.
Tareen Don't you craft your own weapons?
Hero I do... I was just wondering.
Tareen Well, If you can source me a Gatling 40mm, I could offer more substantial gains.
Hero I have come across such a weapon in the past.
Tareen It's a special request for a client. I will add some special modifications and sell it for a good profit. I can include you in the deal if you help me.
Hero If I find one, I'll tell you.
Tareen Don't just tell me, bring it here, the sooner the better!
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_2_FINISHED Tareen This Gatling looks as good as new! It seems that I really could count on you!
Hero My pleasure!
Hero Wait... 1000 credits and some scrap? It's a bit meager, don't you think? Is this the same scrap I delivered to you earlier?
Tareen My credit reserve is low while between deals. If you trust me enough to run some more errands, I promise to make it worth your while in the long run.
Hero I do have expenses, you know.
Tareen As do we all. It's a hard-graft galaxy. I need processors for the Gatling modifications. I am presently low on resources and I mistakenly gave you some processors last we traded.
Hero I'll just have to take your word on that.
Tareen My memory also fails me at times. But I need the processors now, so please bring me all you can find.
Hero I'll see what I can do.
HIVE Dealing with Okkar! Do you really know what you are getting yourself into?
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_3_FINISHED Tareen These processors are exactly what I needed. Unfortunately I have other concerns at the moment. My Access Key supplier perished in a solar storm.
Tareen I need five such keys to fulfill an order fast, before my customer demands a refund on his deposit. Help me with this and I will reward you fairly.
HIVE This fellow appears to be playing many hands. Does it not make you suspicious?
Hero Hey, anyone who isn't shooting at me is a welcome change. Just let me handle this, okay HIVE?
Hero I can do this for you, Tareen, but only in the expectation of something better down the line.
Tareen You will not be disappointed.
HIVE I think you are setting yourself up for a world of disappointment.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_4_FINISHED Tareen These Access Keys came just in time. My customer will be pleased. I will transfer your payment at once.
Hero Listen, Tareen, this really isn't worth the risk for some credits and energy injectors alone.
Tareen In the DMZ we make our own laws, and honor and reputation are everything. Bear with me and you will understand.
Tareen If you can provide me with a standard Mainframe Override, I will be able to set things straight. The circuit board alone will fetch top price. I will share the proceeds with you.
HIVE The Okkar do value honor very highly in their society, but you must ask yourself if this particular Okkar is a scammer and can be trusted any further. What is he doing out here alone?
Hero Give me time and I'll get to the bottom of it. I think it will take a little more patience and tact. Let's just take him at his word, for now.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_5_FINISHED Tareen You have brought the Mainframe Override and for that I am grateful.
Hero Well, it's more than gratitude I'm wanting, Tareen. Compensation?
Tareen Indeed, I have transferred credits and a pair of shield boosters to you. I have more problems in my supply chain, however, and need additional assistance.
Tareen My main contact for dark matter perished while surfing a black hole.
Hero Your suppliers seem to run into a lot of bad luck. Who is it you're dealing with anyway?
Tareen My business arrangements are strictly confidential. I could ask someone else to make the order if you no longer wish to assist.
Tareen If I can get 25 dark matter, I can fulfill another order.
Hero Okay, Tareen, I'll do this for you. But your lost contacts show just how dangerous this is, and I'm expecting fair rewards for these risks. I hope that's clear.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_6_FINISHED Tareen You have pulled through again, thank you. This dark matter is essential to completing a presently complex order.
Hero Mmhmm, business is business.
Tareen Shiva Systems have temporarily ceased production of the ARC-9000 because of unresolved accusations from an ethics committee.
Tareen The demand is still high, so if you can bring me one, this could open new possibilities.
Hero Market needs, I get it.
HIVE And ethics be damned, it seems.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_7_FINISHED Tareen Again you do not disappoint and your timing is truly impeccable. I need 200 crystals urgently.
Tareen A shipbuilding client requires it for the completion of a cruise-liner order. They are very impatient and might go elsewhere.
Hero Consider it done, Tareen. But I have a question for you in return. An Okkar trader, in the DMZ... how come?
Tareen I am not accustomed to sharing personal information with others not of my species, but since, like most of my suppliers, you are unlikely to survive much longer in this hostile environment, I will tell you.
Tareen Our society adheres to a rigid hierarchy of different castes.
Tareen Rank, profession, diet, longevity and other factors of life are all decided before each Okkar is hatched, determined by the constellations when the batch was produced.
Tareen I was unhappy with my designation as a servant, and when I approached the council of clerics, they could see my pain.
Tareen In former times I would have been recycled if I could not fulfil my role. But since the Colonials arrived to our arm of the Galaxy, new possibilities emerged, and exile became an option.
Tareen So long as I never return to the homeworlds, I can live a form of lonely freedom here in the demilitarized zone.
Hero Wow, okay. Thank you, Tareen, for sharing that with me. Now that I understand you a little better, I don't mind risking my neck to bring you goods so much.
Tareen Perhaps my genetic make-up does not allow me to reciprocate any curiosity about your story. Just return when you have the crystals I need.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_8_FINISHED Tareen These crystals arrived just in time. I have another job for you, if you are interested.
Tareen An Outlaw client wishes to secure their jump suppressor platform with mines. Please bring me five mine cluster missiles.
Hero So you deal with Outlaws, too, Tareen? I mean, how does that go down?
Tareen To reiterate an earlier statement, my business dealings are confidential. In any case, I assumed you to be one of the body of Outlaws in this sector.
Hero Okay, okay... What I meant to say was... How do they treat you as a... an Okkar?
Tareen With all civility, unlike my encounters with the Fleet authorities, should you wish to know.
HIVE Have you considered the likelihood that these weapons you provide the black market could be used against you at some point in the future?
Hero I'll try not to let it bother me. Anyway, I just end up destroying them and creating more demand.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_9_FINISHED Tareen Another order completed, well done. You have also come at a very opportune moment.
Tareen I have been approached by a wealthy family who want to gift their son a special weapon fitting for completing his basic training at the fleet academy.
Tareen If you can obtain for me an enhanced Fusion Blaster M6-A with any three modifications installed, I believe the rewards will be quite lucrative!
Hero Not so easy, Tareen, but I'll see what I can do.
HIVE Also on a new level of illegality. Supplying Outlaws is one thing, but if these weapons are going to Fleet personnel, they could be traced back to you.
Hero I'm not worried about that at this stage.
MISSION_Tareen_1_QUEST_10_FINISHED Tareen Wonderful! You brought the Fusion Blaster M6-A. This is the big deal I've been waiting for. I have transferred your payment, and a brand new ARC-9000.
Tareen The production stop was lifted, so it is not so important to my inventory and probably more useful to you. In addition, since we have built such a relationship of trust, I would like to give you something more.
Tareen With this blueprint, you can build a consumable to call me if you are ever in an urgent need of trade items. I hope we can continue to do business in the future and prosper together.
HIVE I see! Finally a big pay-off. I eat my words.
Hero Tareen, the pleasure has all been mine. You are my first Okkar ally, that is something.
Tareen Our relationship has indeed been profitable, but I am not inclined to go further than that. Although, perhaps I could say, I would be glad to see you again.
Hero You'll be seeing me around for sure!
MISSION_Tareen_ENCOUNTER_1 Tareen Do you have the goods I requested? I don't have time to chat otherwise.
MISSION_Tareen_ENCOUNTER_2 Tareen What do you have for me this time?
MISSION_Tareen_ENCOUNTER_3 Tareen What about that task I gave you? You're wasting your time here if you don't have the goods.
MISSION_Tareen_ENCOUNTER_4 Tareen Are you here to complete your errand? If not, don't waste my time.
MISSION_Tareen_ENCOUNTER_5 Tareen You are still alive. Interesting, but I only want to see the goods.
MISSION_Tareen_DOWN_PAYMENT_1 Tareen Keep it coming!
MISSION_Tareen_DOWN_PAYMENT_2 Tareen Much appreciated.
MISSION_Tareen_DOWN_PAYMENT_3 Tareen We're getting somewhere.
MISSION_Tareen_DOWN_PAYMENT_4 Tareen I still need more.
MISSION_Tareen_DOWN_PAYMENT_5 Tareen I hope there's more coming.
MISSION_Tareen_SUMMONED_1 Tareen Tareen here. I have goods to trade. Nothing more.
MISSION_Tareen_SUMMONED_2 Tareen Tell me what you need and be quick about it.
MISSION_Tareen_SUMMONED_3 Tareen I received your signal for a trade request. No time-wasting.
MISSION_Tareen_SUMMONED_4 Tareen The best products for any situation in the DMZ.
MISSION_Tareen_SUMMONED_5 Tareen You called me, here I am. Let's do business!
MISSION_Throng_1_1 Throng Oh, what do we have here?
Hero Just passing through, I mean no harm.
Throng A clone? Interesting. Do you know that you are a clone?
Hero Yes, I know. But... how do you know? Who are you?
Throng I am Mester Throng. And I know what you are because I am a scientist from Codo 5! I am on an important research expedition in this sector to record anomalies and rarities.
Hero I'm not so rare, that I can say for sure. And no anomaly either, as far as I know. Please, call me... Adam Roslin.
Throng Welcome, Mr. Roslin. It gives comfort to have a name, does it not? This is fascinating.
Throng I would like to observe you over a longer period of time, if I may. You don't have to come onboard, I could just ask some simple questions.
Hero Okay... what's in for me?
Throng Ah, yes. You humans always want something in return, even when replicated! Why don't we do it this way - I could put you in my employ, at a favorable rate.
Throng If you help me locate and scan some rare species, I will reward you, and in the meantime I can conduct my studies and save time.
Hero Seems easy enough. It doesn't sound like it involves much shooting. What are you looking for exactly?
Throng Samples, my new friend! I need scanning data of organisms you may encounter regularly, but have failed to notice up till now!
Throng For a first assignment, I will give you a common example. On many larger asteroids, there is a greenish slime attached to the sides.
Throng This is, to use an approximate naming construction for your species, the Veruveridica Astralia, better known to you, perhaps, as 'Green Goo'.
HIVE Such primitive organisms are usually beneath my notice, but I can place a marker on them when we encounter them.
Hero Alright, so if I come across any, I simply scan them.
Throng That is the idea, Mr. Roslin. The data is quite valuable to me. Here is my signature. Find me again after you have completed your first task.
MISSION_Throng_2_1 Throng Don't come any closer!
Throng Oh, Mr. Roslin, it's you! I do apologize, you caught me off guard. I was quite absorbed in analyzing some samples.
Hero Don't worry about it, I'm used to it. I got those Green Goo scannings you asked for. Transmitting data...
Throng Wonderful! The Veruveridica Astralia is mesmerizing isn't it? Almost translucent mitochondria. Oh, please, before I forget, here is your payment for the task.
Throng And while the data is being evaluated, would you mind answering for me the first question in my study of you?
Hero Sure, shoot!
Throng I'm hardly going to do that, Mr. Roslin! Anyway, my question: Do you ever dream of cloned sheep?
Hero What?
Hero N-No, not that I remember. Mind you, I rarely get the opportunity to sleep these days.
Throng Hmm, I see. Disappointing. So, are you ready for your next scanning task?
Hero Why not. I feel like I'm learning something here.
Throng There is a fascinating growth under the surface of some ice asteroids, the Crescienda Astraglacies, or in layman's terms, the Ice Clinger.
Throng If you can examine a sample, I will give you enough so you can hopefully get some rest afterwards and have some dreams for me!
Hero That would be nice.
Throng But wait! Ice Clingers are not easy to identify. When the sun shines through the thinner parts of the asteroid, a glimmer should alert you to a growth.
Hero I'll keep my eyes peeled.
MISSION_Throng_3_1 Throng Mr. Roslin! You are back. With the data on Ice Clingers as I requested, hopefully?
Hero Yes, but, like you said, it was quite hard to spot!
Throng But you are a clone, you have all the time in the universe!
Hero I am indeed a clone. But not forever...
Throng Ah, that almost answers my next question...
Throng Would you prefer to live indefinitely as a clone with infinite short-term lifespans, or have a limited human life with a normal average lifespan of 120 years?
Hero As irrational as it sounds, I would prefer a normal lifespan.
Throng I see... And I think it is rather irrational, yes. But what I think is of no significance, I am sorry. Let us return to the tasks at hand.
Hero Please.
Throng I am seeking a sample of the Serpericum Cometa, or better known as the Asteroid Crawler. You may have already encountered this timid species on their natural habitat, ore asteroids.
Hero Oh! Maybe I've seen them before. I really hadn't given it much thought.
Throng Shoot some ore asteroids and you may be lucky enough to release an Asteroid Crawler after a few attempts. You must follow it immediately before it flees to another asteroid and escapes.
Hero Should be easy enough.
Throng Such optimism! May it help you with your task.
HIVE Biologists are such a different breed from the type of scientists which designed me!
MISSION_Throng_4_1 Hero Mester Throng? I scanned an Asteroid Crawler for you. Transmitting data now...
Throng Ah! The Serpericum Cometa, finally in my collection! Thank you! I hope they were not too evasive.
Hero It was fine, not too difficult.
Throng Good. Before we discuss the next task, let me pose my question to you.
Hero Okay, but what do you hope to learn from all this?
Throng Curiosity never ceases to reveal new discoveries, my dear Mr. Roslin! By learning more of the sentiments and meditations of clones, we may unlock secrets to the deeper psyche!
Hero Uh-huh.
Throng So, the question: It's your birthday. Someone gives you a Michapoo Fur wallet. How do you react?
Hero Oh, come on! Really?
Throng Noted. Now back to your next task. Please...
Hero Wait, I... Ahh, whatever. I'm really not getting your mode of questioning, to be quite honest with you, Throng.
Throng Oh? I shall not take umbrage at the critique, Mr. Roslin, but I will consider it. Anyway, on to your next task.
Throng Please locate the Orchis Fulguralis, or simply the Lightning Orchid, and examine it for me.
Hero Any tips on how to find it?
Throng Sightings of the Lightning Orchid have only been recorded on asteroids in lightning fields.
Hero Hmm, okay. That is unusual.
Throng That is what makes them so special! My colleagues at the academy will be green with envy if I can obtain a comprehensive scan of one.
Hero I'll do my best to find one for you.
MISSION_Throng_7_1 Hero Hello again, Mester Throng! I got your Lightning Orchid scan data here.
Throng Really? Oh what great news! I knew I could rely on you, Mr. Roslin!
Throng I reflected on your earlier critique regarding my mode of questioning and I have rephrased some questions accordingly. I realize I may have been unclear in my approach.
Hero I'd be happy to hear one of your new questions.
Throng Very good. Here it goes: Have you ever acted upon your primal desires to mate with another member of your...
Hero Wait, wait, hold on a moment... how is this not an inappropriate question?
Throng But you didn't even let me finish!
Hero Well, I can imagine where it's going!
Throng So you won't submit to questioning? That is disappointing. It's all in the name of science, you know!
Throng In any case, if we can't discuss reproductive impulses we may as well get back to the more trivial tasks.
Throng My next one for you is tricky as their existence is in no way certain. These entities have appeared in older records and are something of a mystery in scientific circles.
Throng Remnants of the Ancients! These formations break into three smaller pieces if destroyed and appear to consist of dark energy.
Hero I think I may have encountered these things...
Throng Really? That is fortuitous! I knew there was a reason we came together, Mr. Roslin. If you can find and scan some of these Ancient Splitters, as I call them, I will be in your debt!
Hero Alright, be right back.
MISSION_Throng_9_1 Hero Hey, Mester Throng! I'm back!
Throng That is quite apparent! And you have scanned the Ancient Splitters?
Hero Yes, transmitting the data this very moment.
Throng Splendid! I can't wait to present this at the academy! I will surely be elevated and envied by my peers!
Hero Good for you, Throng! You're a nice guy, you deserve it!
Throng Ah, before you go anywhere, allow me to ask my next question. I will return to the psychological rather than the physical since you seem incapable of admitting any such impulses.
Throng Tell me, Mr. Roslin: Have you ever dreamed of your childhood?
Hero Oof, now that's a question. I seem to have some vague memories, but nothing I can pin down.
Hero It's as if I had a history beyond the fleet academy training and later experiences, but someone pushed the delete button on it.
Throng Now that is very interesting. Perhaps my questions have led you to some personal insights, Mr. Roslin. But this is a scientific study, not a psychoanalysis session, so let's get back to business.
Hero Um, okay.
Throng I need data on another rare organism found mainly in debris fields, the elusive Floscaluta Petrificum, or Scrap Anemone. It is a scavenger species which feeds on the remains of space battles.
Hero I'm around the remains of space battles often enough, I'm sure I'll find one for you.
Throng Indeed, Mr. Roslin! In that regard, you are the ideal sample collector for me!
Hero It's a living!
MISSION_Throng_10_1 Throng Ah, just in time, Mr. Roslin! I have another task for you.
Hero Easy, easy... I just finished scanning the Scrap Anemone for you!
Throng Yes, yes, the Scrap Anemone. As it turns out, I already received the data from another assistant.
Hero Another assistant? Another of your subjects for study, perhaps?
Throng I will pay you for your efforts nonetheless, do not worry! Whether one fulfills the task or another, it's all the same!
Hero Wait, do you mean...? Are you studying other versions of me?
Throng Now that would be telling, Mr. Roslin! Try not to concern yourself about it too much. Remember, it is you who is in my employ! Speaking of which, on to my next question.
Hero Go ahead.
Throng Have you ever had the impulse to terminate your own existence?
Hero Wow, you do know how to throw heavy questions, Throng. I mean, how would you react if someone asked that to you?
Throng I take it you are not inclined to provide me with an answer. This is in itself interesting when I run the comparisons.
Hero Comparisons? Hey, wait now....
Throng Please, let's move back to business. The Nubivagant Asmareirei, better known as Plasma Jellyfish are, as the name suggests, most often encountered in plasma fields.
Throng The true nature of their behavior is still mostly unknown, but I believe a detailed scan might lead to new findings.
Hero I think I saw some of them already. Shouldn't be too hard.
Throng Thank you. Find me when you have aquired all the data.
MISSION_Throng_11_1 Hero Hey, Mester Throng, I got the data you need.
Throng Ah, yes, I see in my log that I asked you to scan the Nubivagant Asmareirei, and sure enough here you are with exactly as I requested. Bravo, Mr. Roslin!
Throng Now, I have almost all the data I need on you, also. Just another question to satisfy my needs.
Hero Okay, hit me.
Throng Never, Mr. Roslin! We are a peaceful species! Anyway, my question: Do you believe in destiny?
Hero Well, judging from my experiences, I would say yeah. Things happen for a reason.
Throng And I also believe that, Mr. Roslin, good for you!
Throng So, I have one final task for you. You may have already encountered a Grey Goo on your adventures. I would normally apply some fancy latinate name to it, but these are such vile and insidious matter.
Hero Grey Goo, yeah, I think so. Not the most pleasant encounter.
Throng Indeed! One should never underestimate them. But, they have qualities beyond description and are extremely worthy of further study!
Hero If you say so...
Throng The element of danger may be great, but if you could get close enough to conduct a thorough scan, I could make a breakthrough with a certain theory I have been working on.
Hero I've been pretty close to them already. There is no reason not to do it again.
Throng Fantastic! Your willingness to face such risks has been invaluable to me!
Hero I get the job done one way or another.
MISSION_Throng_12_1 Hero Hey, Throng! Here's the data you wanted on those Grey Goo things.
Throng Ah, Mr. Roslin, thank you very much. You've been an enormous help!
Throng This completes my data collection and I can begin compiling my report to the academy. My reputation is sure to receive a tremendous boost if I have what I believe I have.
Hero What... No more scanning? No more questions?
Throng Ah, the anxiety of conclusion, I understand. But our dealings, like everything, must come to an end. For now, at least. I must retire for my studies and perhaps we will meet again... byebye!
Hero Okay, I see.
Throng Don't feel sad, Mr. Roslin. Here, take this blueprint. You can build a beacon with it. Activate it and I will be there.
Hero Doing what? Asking more gut-wrenching questions?
Throng No, no. Although, perhaps I will ask how your day is, since you are less apt to answer questions on, say, toilet functions.
Hero Good grief.
Throng But I can help you if you are in danger... or to trade... I'd be glad to be of assistance after the service you have provided me.
Hero Well, that would be nice, Throng. You're a funny guy, I like you!
Throng And I you, Mr. Roslin X5C-38.
Hero Wait... what? Uh, okay, see you soon!
MISSION_Throng_SUMMONED_1 Throng My clone friend requires a rendezvous. What can I do for you Mr. Roslin?
MISSION_Throng_SUMMONED_2 Throng You are in need of help? Leave it to me!
MISSION_Throng_SUMMONED_3 Throng You called for me. I am here to assist!
MISSION_Throng_SUMMONED_4 Throng My good clone friend! How nice to see you!
MISSION_Throng_SUMMONED_5 Throng Mr. Roslin! Here I am, at your service.
MISSION_Throng_1_OPEN_SHOP Throng Also, any time you happen to have any Viridian Energy in your possession, I will gladly take it off your hands.
Hero For some kind of payment, I guess?
Throng Better than that! I can modify your weapons. Or provide you with access to some special equipment that you won't find anywhere else in the demilitarized zone.
Hero Sounds promising.
Throng I'm opening my workshop for you right now.
MISSION_Throng_ENCOUNTER_1 Throng Mr. Roslin! Do you have good news for me?
MISSION_Throng_ENCOUNTER_2 Throng Do you have fresh data for me, Mr. Roslin?
MISSION_Throng_ENCOUNTER_3 Throng Do you have new specimen scans for me, Mr. Roslin?
MISSION_Throng_ENCOUNTER_4 Throng Good to see you, Mr. Roslin.
MISSION_Throng_ENCOUNTER_5 Throng Ah, Mr. Roslin! I have been waiting for you to return.
MISSION_Maurice_1_1 Maurice Who are you? Identify yourself!
Hero Easy! I won't shoot if you don't.
Maurice You are not with the Colonial Fleet?
Hero I'm not with the fleet, no, but you don't need to worry about me. Who are you, exactly?
Maurice I am exactly NR-APS 4210. But, please, call me Maurice. I was deployed by Grady & Brunt Mining and right now I could use some assistance.
Hero Okay... of what kind?
Maurice I have been ordered to execute search and destroy warrants in the DMZ. However, the assigned workload exceeds my current operational capacity.
Maurice I am willing to contract out several of these warrants, if you can ensure secrecy on the matter. Do you understand what I am asking?
HIVE I feel it necessary to warn you, at this juncture, that not everything is at it seems with this robot. I detect anomalies which suggest core behavioral malfunctions.
Hero So, Maurice, you're a bounty hunter?
Maurice Inasmuch as I do the job of one, but the bounty is of no great interest to me.
Hero Who is it you're after, Maurice?
Maurice I have one outstanding warrant for a Celestine Phoenix, a Colonial female mass poisoner. She is likely to attack another outpost unless she is apprehended immediately.
Maurice I transferred her last known position to your onboard computer.
Hero So, if I intercept this individual and bring back proof, you will pay me?
Maurice That is precisely what I am offering. I need her dead. And I will pay handsomely.
Hero Grim work, but I'll see what happens.
MISSION_Maurice_1_2 Hero That's Celestine Phoenix!
HIVE The feed is regularly updating on her crimes. She murdered several hundred in a mining outpost. An apparent grudge against the company, although no further details on her motives.
Hero Then I shouldn't have to feel too bad about taking her down.
CRIMINAL You won't catch me! G&B can rot in the nine hells of Molok for what they did to us! They put mind-control gas in the living quarters, I tell you!
Hero And it doesn't seem like we'll be reasoning with her, either.
CRIMINAL The more souls I reap from G&B, the more I service the true gods!
HIVE A fanatical theist! Fascinating! I believed them to be extinct!
MISSION_Maurice_1_3 HIVE A shame she had to be destroyed. It would have been interesting to study her addled thought processes.
Hero For someone with brain damage, she sure could put up one hell of a fight!
HIVE Human combat weakness is in their empathy, the unwillingness to kill. Perhaps she broke through that barrier.
Hero Now you're getting heavy, HIVE. She was a criminal, pure and simple. Had to be put down.
Hero Well, I hope this was worth it. Let's find Maurice and claim the reward.
MISSION_Maurice_2_1 Hero Maurice? It's me.
Maurice Ah, yes... My new subcontractor. You have something to report?
Hero Celestine Phoenix is ashes. Like you asked.
Maurice Wonderful! Your reward has been transferred.
Maurice And in case you are interested, I have another warrant for a major drug dealer who sold sub-standard psyoxins and made thousands braindead.
Hero Maurice, I have to ask... Why don't you take them out yourself? I thought that was your primary function?
Maurice It is, it is... It's just that I have so much to do. You would not believe how overwhelmingly busy I've been out here without back-up!
Hero Yeah, I guess I wouldn't.
Maurice Well, there is a drug dealer on the run and the credits are waiting for you. It's up to you if you wish to fulfill the task.
Maurice The name of the shady individual in question is Fabien Harshal. I have uploaded his coordinates to your onboard computer.
Hero Okay, I'll check it out. I'm not promising anything, Maurice.
MISSION_Maurice_2_2 Hero Fabien Harshal? Surrender now. I have a warrant for you dead or alive.
CRIMINAL Okay, I'm turning myself in! I give up!
Hero Oh, wait a minute. I was mistaken. I just checked the warrant again, it just says dead.
CRIMINAL What? Eat laser, mercenary scum!
HIVE Very professional.
MISSION_Maurice_2_3 Hero Drugs don't work. It's as easy as that.
HIVE You sound like a public service announcement.
Hero Time to pay Maurice a visit and get my reward.
MISSION_Maurice_3_1 Hero Hey, Maurice!
Maurice Ah there you are! I have already heard of your great deeds!
Hero You have?
Maurice Such news travels fast and will die slowly. Fabien Harshal tricked by an offer of surrender... What subterfuge!
HIVE If he only knew you just screwed up!
Hero Right, well I'm just in it for the reward.
Maurice Of course! Here you go. One should never keep a Hero waiting!
Hero I'm guessing that if I'm your top gun now, you have another warrant lined up for me?
Maurice I certainly do. A traitor named Frederick Lee. He must be eliminated.
Hero What was his crime?
Maurice He sold highly classified information to the Okkar, putting the hard-earned peace in jeopardy.
Maurice It is believed he is in possession of even more damaging material which could altogether wreck the armistice if he is not stopped.
Hero A traitor. Sounds serious enough. And I take it you have other stuff to do?
Maurice Yes, indeed... I have more serious matters to attend to.
Hero I wonder. Okay, send me the coordinates, I'll pay this Frederick Lee a visit.
MISSION_Maurice_3_2 Hero Frederick Lee? Stop where you are, it ends here.
CRIMINAL Huh? I thought they sent the useless robot. What are you for a hireling?
Hero I'm just the guy who is putting a stop to the damage you've done. You may as well just give up.
CRIMINAL Nah, I don't think so. Won't be that easy for you, sorry!
MISSION_Maurice_3_2_TELEPORTED Hero He jumped away!
HIVE Energy signals register a teleport echo. He must still be in the near vicinity.
Hero Hide and seek, great.
MISSION_Maurice_3_2_FOUND Hero Got you! Stay where you are, Lee, and accept your fate!
CRIMINAL I'm not in the mood, hireling! Not today, not any day!
MISSION_Maurice_3_3 Hero He was annoying!
HIVE Yes, and we have wasted precious time. We should continue on our way.
Hero I have to get back to Maurice soon. In this or another life.
MISSION_Maurice_4_1 Maurice Ah, my handy help! Have you brought good news?
Hero Yes, Frederick Lee is history. I'm here for my reward.
Maurice Formidable! Here are your credits as promised.
Maurice I have to say, you have really lightened my workload since we began our partnership.
Hero Yeah, about that... You sure must be exhausted with all the contracts you're handling yourself.
Maurice Yes, well not much time for sleep.
Hero I don't think I'm getting the full story here, Maurice. There's more to this. Do you mind telling me?
Maurice I know you will keep my secret, so I will tell you. Before I was dispatched by G&B to the DMZ I downloaded a subroutine, well, a game, in fact, to pass the long lonely hours in the wilderness, so to speak.
Maurice The thing is, I have found it quite engaging! It's a strategy simulation - Empires of Chivalry!
Hero Uh-huh.
Maurice I was not destined to be a killer, I have no taste for it. In my new virtual persona I can build endlessly, create instead of destroy, win great honor and seduce many a comely maiden!
Maurice Although I do need to purchase additional tokens to receive boosts from time to time.
HIVE I knew it! I told you so! This robot is defective! It must be destroyed!
Hero Shut it, HIVE! This is fascinating!
Maurice I spend as much time there as possible, building and managing a medieval fortress in ancient Aquitaine as a local baron. I have accumulated a great deal of prestige among neighboring kingdoms.
Hero Wow. Okay. So I guess...
Maurice Oui. I wish to outsource as many of my contracts as possible while I concentrate on hitting the next level and establishing a top ten ranking.
Hero Right. How are you so sure I will keep your secret, Maurice?
Maurice Simple. Because the next warrant on my list is you.
Hero Oh.
Maurice So, how about I keep your secret, and you keep mine. If you do these tasks for me, I can make this annoying warrant disappear, like magic!
Hero I suppose that would be the best solution.
Maurice It can be mutually beneficial. I can continue my pursuit of strategic glory and you can continue to receive back channel G&B funds which you would not have access to otherwise.
Hero How can I trust that you won't double-cross me in the end, Maurice?
Maurice Because you are far more useful to me as an ally, mon ami. Let's do this and it can be a win-win situation.
Hero Okay, Maurice. It's a deal.
Maurice Superbe! So, let's get down to business. I have a warrant for a fuel thief who has been pilfering from various G&B stations. He is high on the list of pests bothering the company for some time now.
Hero A fuel thief. Doesn't sound that drastic.
Maurice His tricks have cost G&B millions. They want him dead. Now, if you will excuse me, I have jousting lessons!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_1 CRIMINAL What do you want? Get lost!
Hero There is a bounty on your head. And I'm here to collect it!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_2 HIVE There is the reprobate. Prepare for action!
CRIMINAL Dammit, they found me!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_3 Hero I'm coming for you and you know why!
CRIMINAL Stay away from me or you'll regret it!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_4 Hero Is this the criminal I'm looking for?
HIVE Yes, take him out!
Hero You don't have to tell me, I'm on it!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_5 CRIMINAL You! Keep your distance!
Hero Sorry, can't do that. You're on my list.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_6 HIVE There is the criminal we are looking for.
Hero Yeah, I see.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_7 Hero You there, surrender!
CRIMINAL Ha ha, you want trouble? Come get some!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_8 HIVE The ship ahead, this is our target.
Hero Oh, the wanted criminal? Great!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_9 Hero It's the end of the line for you!
CRIMINAL Get out of my way, punk! I've done nothing wrong.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ENCOUNTER_1_10 Hero I found the guy Maurice told me about.
HIVE Then take him out!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_1 Hero Another contract fulfilled for Maurice.
HIVE A lazy robot, I never heard of such a thing.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_2 Hero Another criminal sent into oblivion.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_3 Hero Another one struck off the list.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_4 Hero Done and dusted.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_5 HIVE Another malefactor assigned to historical record.
Hero Nice, HIVE, but not quite as catchy.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_6 Hero Good riddance.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_7 Hero I could get used to being a bounty hunter.
HIVE The DMZ does seem to change people.
Hero I can always go back to science.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_8 HIVE For every one that goes down, I am certain there will be five to replace them.
Hero It's a shady kind of work. But I'm getting the hang of it.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_9 Hero Back to Maurice for a reward.
HIVE Unless he has spent all his credits on game tokens.
Hero Maybe I could take them as payment too.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_KILLED_10 Hero There we go. It's for the better.
HIVE If you say so...
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_1 Maurice Ah, vous êtes revenus! And taken care of my contract?
Hero Bien sûr, Maurice. You can transfer the credits now.
Maurice Tout de suite.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_2 Hero You are hard to find, Maurice. I just wanted to fetch my credits.
Maurice I will transfer them at once. Merci!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_3 Hero Maurice, I've taken care of another criminal for you.
Maurice Bon travail, I will transfer the credits. Now, if you please, my castle is under siege.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_4 Maurice C'est Maurice! Did you take care of the criminal?
Hero As always, yes. Do you have my credits ready?
Maurice Naturellement! There you go.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_5 Hero I did your work again, Maurice. Time for my payment.
Maurice My work? Ah, yes, thank you for giving me a hand with these criminals. Your credits are underway.
Hero Great, thanks.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_6 Maurice Ah, my subcontractor friend, you have returned.
Hero I'm here for my reward, Maurice.
Maurice Ah, the little job I gave you. Yes, here is your payment.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_7 Hero Another job done. You got my credits?
Maurice Oh, that was fast, thank you. Yes, I have your credits ready.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_8 Maurice Ah, you came back to tell me that you took out the criminal?
Hero Yes, I did. You got my credits?
Maurice It makes it all worthwhile, I hope. Here you go.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_9 Maurice Ah, the bounty hunter apprentice. Have you been successful?
Hero Yep, just need payment. How's the game going?
Maurice We have a grand tournament now. Very exciting!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_REWARD_10 Hero Hey, Maurice! I've finished another job for you.
Maurice Bien! Here is your payment. Always nice doing business with you.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_1 Hero Any other criminals that require my attention?
Maurice This zone never runs out of criminals.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_2 Hero Do you have anything else for me?
Maurice I'm glad you asked!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_3 Maurice Can I interest you in another lucrative job?
Hero I'm all ears!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_4 Maurice I dare ask you again, but could you do me another favor?
Hero Busting another criminal? Sure!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_5 Maurice Care to take another contract?
Hero I could always use the extra credits.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_6 Hero You must be totally overworked. Can I take some tasks off your hands?
Maurice That is very kind of you. I have been raided by another guild and need to work on my defenses.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_7 Maurice There is a special event and I must concentrate to fulfil every task!
Hero That's very interesting, Maurice. But do you mind just passing me the warrants first?
Maurice Of course, ah, I am so stressed!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_8 Maurice I have expanded my territories! Finally!
Hero That's all well and good, Maurice. But surely you have some pending warrants for here in the real world?
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_9 Hero So, Maurice... I think I'm on a roll. Give me some more tasks.
Maurice Bien sûr! I always have something for you.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_TASK_10 Hero Now that we settled this, I'm up for some more bounty hunting.
Maurice And I happen to have just the right contract for you.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_1 Maurice This fugitive set up a chain of free-to-stay hotels. Guests believed accommodation was free but then they were fleeced for basic things like toilet and pillow usage.
Hero Outrageous! But goes to show - nothing's ever for free!
Maurice Oui. But some people don't care to look at the small print when it comes to saving a few credits.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_2 Maurice G&B is looking for a guy that killed dozens of people by steering a freighter into a service station. He then stole a colonial fighter and is now on the run.
Hero That sounds horrendous. I'll have no qualms taking him down.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_3 Maurice This warrant is for an engineer that modified a batch of civilian teleporter devices. Many people died because of the removed distance sensing module.
Hero Oh, that's brutal! I use them myself, sometimes.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_4 Maurice I was asked to bring down a murderer on the loose. It's a standard procedure, you know the deal.
Hero Murderers deserve no mercy.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_5 Maurice This one is a classic case of arson. The guy posed as a cleaner and then started a fire in one of G&B's cafeterias. Half of the station burned down and many workers with it.
Hero I always wondered about starting fires in space... But this is unforgivable, of course.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_6 Maurice We are dealing with a textbook case of slavery. The wanted person kidnapped a group of Okkar hatchlings and forced them to work in his underground casino. Disgusting, if you ask me.
Hero The Okkar usually give me a hard time, but this is just inhumane.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_7 Maurice The wanted criminal is obsessed with ramming drones, primarily belonging to G&B in their mining operations. But lately he attacks light fighter ships.
Hero Why is he doing this? Is it some sort of challenge?
Maurice He may be mentally challenged, yes. Or just unstable.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_8 Maurice It's difficult to imagine but the guy we're dealing with is cloning himself to sell organs.
Hero That's pretty sick.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_9 Maurice G&B reported that a man working in security cloned himself to do his job while he went on holidays most of the time. The clone is on the run so we have to take him out.
Hero The idea of letting the clone do the work is not bad. How do we know if it's really the clone we are after.
Maurice Please, I would recognize a clone the moment he opens his mouth. Wouldn't you?
Hero I guess so.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_CRIMINAL_10 Maurice What I have here is a case of theft. The wanted person cleared a large G&B equipment depot and then randomly dropped containers about the sector.
Hero Kind of like a modern-day Robin Hood?
Maurice Call it what you want, but this act cost G&B a fortune.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_1 Hero I'm on it!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_2 Hero OK, this guy is asking for trouble.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_3 Hero I'll take care of it.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_4 Hero The bounty is as good as mine.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_5 Hero Alright, I'll look into it.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_6 Hero Consider it done. See you!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_7 Hero Sounds interesting. I'm in!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_8 Hero Don't you worry, I will find and eliminate him.
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_9 Hero I can do this!
MISSION_Maurice_GEN_ACCEPT_10 Hero Prepare the credits. I'll be back soon.
MISSION_Elek_1_1 Elek Hey, you! Don't come any closer!
Hero Huh? Who are you?
Elek I am Elek, mighty Outlaw. On a very dangerous scavenging mission.
Hero You're an Outlaw? Why didn't you attack me on sight then?
Elek I'm not one of those barbarian marauders roaming around. We of the Coalition have bigger plans!
Elek Also, looking at your ship and equipment, I know when to shoot and when to talk.
Hero I see. Very wise of you.
Elek So we basically have the same enemy which makes us friends, right? And friends help each other.
Hero An interesting conclusion. What is it you're suggesting?
Elek There is an Outlaw station which is about to ship a huge amount of weaponry to nearby outposts. We would both benefit by stopping that from happening.
Hero Agreed. It would make the area safer for all of us, I suppose. So how were you thinking of tackling this?
Elek You bring down the defenses. Then you call me and I'll jump in with my clan to secure the weapon container.
Hero So what you're saying is: I do the heavy work and then you stroll in with your friends and pick up the booty.
Elek That's another way of looking at it, but like I said: It will be advantageous to the both of us. Here, I will mark the station on your map.
Hero Well, it can't hurt to look.
MISSION_Elek_1_2 Hero This must be the place Elek told me about.
HIVE So you really want to work for this Outlaw horag?
Hero This Outlaw what, what did you just call him now?
HIVE Horag, the mid-sized mammalian species of which your new friend belongs.
Hero Okay, right. I'm not working for him, it just seems like a good opportunity to reduce the Outlaw threat in the area.
HIVE Or a great opportunity to get yourself blown to bits for nothing.
Hero Always the cynic, HIVE. Sometimes you have to let go and trust in the universe a little to live life to its fullest!
HIVE Only someone with infinite lives would say that.
MISSION_Elek_1_3 HIVE The container must be on this station. Probably hidden deep inside the asteroid, behind some forcefields.
Hero Let's take a closer look.
MISSION_Elek_1_FORCEFIELD_DOWN Hero There! The containers are accessible now!
HIVE Destroy the turrets before they get you!
MISSION_Elek_1_4 HIVE The area is clear.
Hero Good! I'll call Elek.
Hero Elek, do you read me? The container is secured.
Elek Nice work! We'll be right there.
MISSION_Elek_1_5 Hero Okay, that was fast!
Elek Hey there!
Elek Wow, you did some nice purging! Come on, guys! Let's get as many weapons as we can before Outlaw reinforcements show up.
Elek Too much to carry. Consider what's left your reward.
Hero Huh, okay.
Elek Here's my signature so we can stay in touch. Come see me again some time. The Coalition could always use a sure hand like you.
HIVE There you go... you can have the leftovers!
Hero Shut it, HIVE.
MISSION_Elek_2_1 Hero Hey, Elek! What's up?
Elek Oh, hello! A lot of things are going on right now in the Coalition. Thanks to the success of our last mission, I have been promoted!
Hero Congratulations!
Elek Thank you. But say, why don't we team up again, make a bit more of a splash on the scene?
Hero If you're talking about the kicking ass scene, I'm up for that! A little extra reward would go a long way, too.
Elek Oh, yeah, you get me!
Elek Did you know that G&B secretly supplies Outlaw clans with resources?
Hero Now, that's news to me! Why the heck would they do that?
Elek To maintain equilibrium in the Zone, man! Keep us feuding to avoid incursions on their turf. Give them some resources here, so they leave mining posts there alone... You know how it works.
Hero Let me guess, you want to intercept those resources and put a wrench in the works.
Elek Exactly! I was charged to raid a G&B convoy and I could really use your help.
Elek Here, the convoy is marked on your map. I will contact you when you get there.
MISSION_Elek_2_2 Elek Do you read me?
Hero Loud and clear, Elek.
Elek Okay, here's the plan. There are three transporters, each carrying two sealed resource containers.
Elek Set the containers free by destroying the cargo units.
Hero Yeah, I know how it works.
Elek Good. I also propose destroying the jump drives first so they can't escape.
Elek I will pay 1,000 Credits for each container I can recover. Don't mess this up!
Hero Since I'm here and you're not, you better let me do my thing. Or are you joining me?
Elek Touché! I just wanted to give you some tips. Call me when you have finished the job.
HIVE You have become a complete lackey. Raiding G&B convoys now. Disgraceful. The little respect I have had for you is evaporating.
Hero A thousand creds a container, HIVE, come on!
MISSION_Elek_2_2_AGAIN Hero Here we are again.
Elek Hey, are you there?
Hero Yes.
Elek What happened? Are you still doing the job?
Hero Sure! I was held up, but I'm here now.
Elek Okay then, good luck!
MISSION_Elek_2_3 Hero Okay, this is the first one. Here goes nothing...
MISSION_Elek_2_3_SUCCESS Hero Done.
MISSION_Elek_2_3_FAILED Hero The transporter is gone. Damn!
MISSION_Elek_2_3_UNITS_LEFT HIVE You have to get rid of the G&B units.
Hero I'm on it!
MISSION_Elek_2_3_NEXT Hero Now where is the next one?
HIVE I will mark the location of the second transporter on the radar.
MISSION_Elek_2_4 Hero Let's see if this encounter goes to plan.
MISSION_Elek_2_4_SUCCESS Hero I did it! The containers are secured.
MISSION_Elek_2_4_FAILED HIVE The transporter jumped away.
MISSION_Elek_2_4_UNITS_LEFT HIVE There are still G&B units around.
Hero But not for much longer.
MISSION_Elek_2_4_NEXT Hero Let's fly to the last one.
HIVE Yes, here is its location.
MISSION_Elek_2_5 Hero Okay, let's get all the resources!
MISSION_Elek_2_5_SUCCESS Hero Yes, the containers are set free.
MISSION_Elek_2_5_FAILED HIVE I have to inform you that the transporter has jumped away.
Hero You don't say! I know!
MISSION_Elek_2_5_UNITS_LEFT Hero Better leave no witnesses.
MISSION_Elek_2_6 Hero Set a comm link to Elek.
Elek Hello, my friend! Did you take care of the resource transports?
Hero I did, you can come and pick up what's left of it.
Elek Great, I'll be right there.
MISSION_Elek_2_7_SUCCESS_ALL Elek You managed to free all containers? Impressive!
MISSION_Elek_2_7_SUCCESS_SOME Elek Well, at least you secured some containers.
MISSION_Elek_2_7_SUCCESS_JUMP Hero Hey, this is an awfully big haul for you guys. Try to use the resources for something good, okay?
Elek My friend. Number one, we are the Coalition. Number two, I got 26 kids to feed. Number three, of course we gonna use it for something good, okay?
Elek I will send in my guys to pick up the containers. Come see me again, I may have something else for you.
MISSION_Elek_2_7_FAILED Elek What did you do? There is not a single container here!
Hero Sorry, it was just too much for me.
Elek Damn... I should have sent someone else. See you next time.
MISSION_Elek_3_1 Elek Ahh, good to see you again. Guess what, since our last haul, I've gained a few more stripes in the Coalition. You're talking to a big mover in the clan!
Hero So what are you now? Concierge?
Elek Is that a Colonial military rank or are you pulling my leg?
Elek No, I'm a councilor now, overseeing raids on hostile clans.
Hero Uh-huh. So does that mean you got something else for me?
Elek There's an abandoned Outlaw outpost which the Coalition would like to occupy... If you could help...
Hero I might be inclined.
Elek There is one small problem. The place is infested with grey goo swarms. We couldn't lure them away, so someone has to destroy them.
Hero If I remember correctly, destroying them is a valid type of suicide.
Elek There is a way. Here, take these highly advanced damage limiters. When a swarm explodes, quickly use the limiters to crank up your defenses.
Hero Damage limiters... Makes sense. I'll try it out.
Elek Hey, it's appreciated, man, what you're doing, it's really great!
Hero Uh, right. No problem, Elek.
MISSION_Elek_3_2 Hero Here we are. It's so calm...
Elek Hey, can you hear me?
Hero Hey, Elek! Yeah, I've arrived at the location.
Elek Great. I just wanted to remind you to use the damage limiters once a swarm explodes.
Hero That's what I'm intending to do, Elek, thanks.
Elek Good luck!
MISSION_Elek_3_3 Hero There they are! Why are these things even alive?
HIVE It is not what you humans would call alive. It is more an autonomous state of existence.
MISSION_Elek_3_4 Hero One down!
MISSION_Elek_3_5 Hero Phew, nasty creatures. But an excellent source of nano bots.
Hero Elek?
Elek Yes, I hear you.
Hero The grey goo infestation is cleared. You can move in here, nice neighborhood and all...
Elek Fantastic! I will transfer some credits to reward your efforts. I'm looking forward to our next encounter.
Hero Okay, see you around!
MISSION_Elek_4_1 Hero Hey, Elek! How are you?
Elek Ah, good of you to come by. I'm fine and I could use your help again.
Hero I thought as much!
Elek We plan on raiding a rival clan in a strategically important area. And we need someone to take down the chief of that clan, Zack.
Hero Zack? Sounds like a scary dude! Okay, anything special I need to watch for?
Elek You may want to wait until he's isolated before you attack him. Unless you want to take on his whole gang.
Hero Depends on my mood. We'll see.
Elek So you're in? Great! Once you get rid of the chief we'll jump in and help you out.
Hero Oh, really. You are helping me out for a change? That's nice!
Elek Hey, don't take it so lightly, my friend. This is going to be a big battle. There will be heavy casualties for sure!
Elek Just call me once you're in orbit at the target location, okay?
MISSION_Elek_4_2 Hero Okay, here we are. So, I'm looking for a... Zack.
Elek Are you there? Have you arrived yet?
Hero Yes, this very moment.
Elek Good. Keep your distance and observe Zack's movements closely. He may fly off to a debris field sometime.
Hero How do you know?
Elek Haha, we have our contacts inside.
Hero I don't care, as long as what you say is true.
MISSION_Elek_4_2_AGAIN Hero Okay, let's give this another try.
Elek Hey, you're back! Everything alright with you? You ready to go?
Hero Yes, everything's fine. Lure this guy out, I'm ready.
MISSION_Elek_4_3 HIVE Our target is leaving the station perimeter.
Hero Okay, let's wait until he has reached the debris field.
MISSION_Elek_4_4 HIVE Now would be a good time to strike.
Hero Roger that.
HIVE But do not get too close to the station unless you want to deal with all of his henchmen, too.
MISSION_Elek_4_5 CHIEF Hmm? What do you want?
Hero Hold still and let's get it over with!
CHIEF Are you insane? Do you even know who I am?
MISSION_Elek_4_6 HIVE He must have sent an emergency call. All his clan are on their way here.
Hero Damn! Elek! Now would be a good time to help me out!
Elek I hear you! We'll be there in an instant!
MISSION_Elek_4_7 Elek Okay, guys. Let's teach them a lesson!
Hero The big guy is down!
MISSION_Elek_4_OUTLAWS_LEFT Elek Some of his henchmen are still alive! We have to clear this area!
MISSION_Elek_4_ALL_OUTLAWS_DEAD Elek We did it! We did it!
Hero Okay, you guys have fun. I have to tend to other things.
Elek Thank you for your help. Take what you want from the battlefield and these credits.
Hero Thanks! See you!
MISSION_Elek_4_SPOTTED HIVE We have been spotted.
Hero Oh no! What did I do!
Hero Elek! You hear me? You have to come now!
Elek What happened? Did you blow your cover?
Hero Yes! Make it quick!
Elek You got it!
MISSION_Elek_5_1 Elek Hey, good to see you!
Hero Hi! How's life in your little clan?
Elek Little? Man, that was before! The Coalition is a name you should get used to hearing! Count yourself fortunate that you are our most honored ally!
Hero Good to hear!
Elek There's one last thing I'd like to ask you to do. The Phantom Retaliators are occupying an area that was once ours.
Elek We basically started our operations there, so there's an emotional attachment to the whole thing, you know?
Hero And you want it back.
Elek Naturally. The Phantom Retaliators have pushed their luck too far this time. They need to be driven out. This is our home turf!
Hero Let me think about it.
Elek Think all you want but there are unwritten laws here in the DMZ, and you best not cross them. The time for action is now!
Elek Are you with us or with them?
Hero Since you put it that way, Elek... Send me the coordinates. I'll see you there.
Elek Great! Prepare yourself, this will be a tough fight!
MISSION_Elek_5_2 Elek Here we are! Are you ready?
Hero Ready when you are! What's the plan?
Elek Clear the outposts, take no hostages.
Hero I see, blunt force.
Elek Just keeping it simple!
Elek So, you can follow us or fly on your own, it's your call.
Hero Okay then...
MISSION_Elek_5_2_AGAIN Elek Where have you been? We had to postpone the assault.
Hero Sorry, I must have hit the emergency jump button. But I'm here now, let's do it!
Elek Well, I hope you're feeling refreshed. Come on, now!
MISSION_Elek_5_3 Elek How are you holding out?
Hero I'm fine, thanks!
MISSION_Elek_5_4 Hero Elek! Are you still alive?
Elek Yes, don't worry about me! We can do this!
MISSION_Elek_5_5 Hero There's a lot going on here!
Elek Hang in there! You're not alone.
Hero Of course not! This was your stupid idea!
MISSION_Elek_5_ALL_DESTROYED Elek That was the last one. I think we succeeded!
Hero Wow, I thought that would never end. It all got a bit overwhelming at times.
Elek Thanks to you, the Coalition is now a force not to be trifled with. Here, please accept this little reward from all of us.
Hero Thank you.
Elek Also, if we are ever around and you are in trouble, we will help you out. But don't expect us to always be there to bail you out.
Hero I get it. Nobody expects the Coalition. But it's good to know. Thanks!
Elek We have to do a lot of cleaning up to do here first. See you soon!
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_1 Elek Seems like you could use some help here!
Hero Elek! Help is always appreciated, thank you.
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_2 Elek The Coalition is here to help!
Hero Hey there, long time no see.
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_3 Elek Hi there! We thought you might need some assistance.
Hero I would be so happy for it! Thanks!
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_4 Elek This is Elek! The Coalition are here to help.
Hero I'll take all the help I can get.
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_5 Elek Okay guys, let's help my friend here a little bit, shall we?
Hero Hey, thanks for the support!
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_6 Hero Hey, Elek, it's you!
Elek You're lucky that we were in the neighborhood!
MISSION_Elek_SUMMONDED_7 Elek What are you doing out here all alone? It's dangerous!
Hero It is? Then what are you doing here?
Elek Haha! I was in the area, thought I might as well help you out.
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_1 Hero So, how are things in the Coalition? Everything good?
Elek Yes, thanks for asking. We are steadily growing. Slow but steady.
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_2 Elek The Coalition is a force to be reckoned with. The name will strike terror in the hearts of all.
Hero Good for you!
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_3 Elek We are always seeking new ways to make our clan the most feared and respected in the sector.
Hero Oh yeah, and you are succeeding! I've heard chatter of Outlaws going straight for fear of you!
Elek Oh, really?
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_4 Elek I have many ideas for increasing the power of our clan. But I will let you know when I have a more solid plan ready.
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_5 Elek Sometimes it is better to wait for the most opportune moment to strike.
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_6 Elek Before I joined the the Coalition, I was held in captivity and nearly sold as a pet. I owe this clan everything.
MISSION_Elek_IDLE_7 Elek It is good working with you. I have grown accustomed to your face.
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_1 Hero Can you help me out here?
Elek I'll do my best!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_2 Elek Watch out!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_3 Elek Hang in there!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_4 Elek Leave some for me!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_5 Hero Good fight!
Elek Yeah!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_6 Elek Now this is what I call a good fight!
Hero You certainly have the reflexes!
MISSION_Elek_FIGHT_7 Hero Are you okay?
Elek Yes! I'm fine!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_1 Elek Got one!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_2 Elek Strike!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_3 Elek One less bad guy to worry about!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_4 Elek Got him!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_5 Elek You asked for it!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_6 Elek Ha ha! Got you!
MISSION_Elek_KILL_7 Elek And he's gone!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_1 Elek Sorry, I'm out! Try to stay alive!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_2 Elek This is too much for me! See you next time!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_3 Elek Count me out! This is too intense!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_4 Elek I've taken too much damage! I'm out!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_5 Elek Jump drive engaged! I'm out of here!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_6 Elek That's as much as I can do! Good luck!
MISSION_Elek_FLEE_7 Elek You'll have to continue without me. I have to go.
MISSION_Karlie_1_1 HIVE There is an immobilized G&B vessel in the vicinity. No distress signal detected.
Hero Hmm, I'll check it out.
MISSION_Karlie_1_2 Karlie Thanks for the assistance. I was a sitting duck out here alone.
Hero A pleasure to help. May I ask you what you were you doing...
Karlie Oh, shoot! There are more Outlaws incoming!
Hero I got this!
MISSION_Karlie_1_3 Karlie Impressive! Are you some kind of mercenary? Or a fleet deserter?
Hero No, I'm a... scientist. But I've picked up a thing or two about combat out here in the DMZ.
Karlie A scientist flying a colonial military fighter? Something doesn't fit here.
Hero A G&B employee all alone in Outlaw territory? Indeed.
Karlie Hmm... Anyway, I've got to get back to business. But I could use some company from time to time. Here's my signature. Why don't you say hello if you're in the neighborhood.
Karlie My name's Karlie, by the way.
Hero Hi Karlie. I'm, umm... Adam.
Karlie Well, Adam, nice to meet you. I have access to a lot of resources. Here, take some as a token of thanks. See you around!
MISSION_Karlie_2_1 Karlie Ah, Adam! So you decided to come see me again! Good call!
Hero I was in the area, so I thought I'd drop by and see how you're doing!
Hero So, eh, how are things?
HIVE Is this a display of human flirtation? Fascinating!
Karlie Some trouble with these mining lasers. Have to get this and the others back online...
Hero What happened to them?
Karlie Usual trouble with Outlaw raiders. The lasers were programmed to enter hibernation mode if hostile signatures appear in their proximity.
Hero So, you just need to wake them up?
Karlie Exactly. But as you can see, there are a lot of them.
Karlie Maybe you could help me out?
Hero I guess if it's just a matter of activating a switch.
Karlie I could really just use the back-up while I handle the technical stuff. There're bound to be Outlaw forces around.
Hero Sure, no problem.
Karlie Okay. Now keep sharp!
MISSION_Karlie_2_1_AGAIN Karlie Hey, you're back! What happened last time?
Hero Oh, I was a bit careless. Got hit pretty bad and had to jump away.
Karlie I see... Still up for the task?
Hero Yeah, let's do this.
MISSION_Karlie_2_TOO_FAST_1 Karlie Hey, don't get ahead of yourself!
MISSION_Karlie_2_TOO_FAST_2 Hero Karlie, hurry up!
Karlie Don't pressure me. It takes as long as it takes.
MISSION_Karlie_2_TOO_FAST_3 Karlie Hold on! You're supposed to be covering me, remember?
MISSION_Karlie_2_3 Karlie Here we are. This won't take long. Keep sharp!
MISSION_Karlie_2_4 Hero Not much going on here.
Hero So, Karlie. How did you end up working for G&B?
Karlie None of your business. How about telling me something about yourself first?
Hero Well... You already know my name. Adam.
Karlie Yeah, right... I'm not the best with names. Probably because I don't care a lot of the time. Anyway, Adam. I think we're done here.
Hero Okay. Lead on!
MISSION_Karlie_2_4_AGAIN Karlie This one's done. Let's fly to the next one.
Hero I got you covered!
MISSION_Karlie_2_5 Karlie It's an ambush!
MISSION_Karlie_2_6 Hero I think that's all of them.
Karlie Okay! Let's get back to work.
MISSION_Karlie_2_7 Hero We may as well make conversation if this is taking so long, Karlie. I mean, why are you here in the demilitarized zone?
Karlie I'm a freelancer. Odd jobs. Repairing and sourcing in dangerous places... the stuff nobody at G&B wants to do.
Hero So, a Jane-of-all-trades, eh?
Karlie If that's what you want to call it. But what the heck are you doing here?
Hero Oh, I'm just traveling through.
Karlie See, Adam, I was honest with you and you didn't return me the favor. You said that you were a scientist.
Hero Well, yeah, I was. In a previous life.
Karlie So now you are just cruising the DMZ as a hired gun? Or a good Samaritan?
Hero I admit it's not a very plausible story.
Karlie No it sure isn't. Anyway, let's bring the next one online and conclude our business here.
MISSION_Karlie_2_7_AGAIN Karlie Job's almost done.
Hero This wasn't the last one?
Karlie Nope, it certainly wasn't. Come on, chop chop!
MISSION_Karlie_2_8 Karlie You know, you don't have to tell me what you're doing or who you really are. I'm okay with that. I'm really not that interested...
Hero Well, it is complicated.
Karlie All the more reason you don't have to tell me!
Hero But I'm not so sure you've been straight with me yourself, Karlie.
Karlie Like you said yourself... my story's complicated. Best we don't bore each other with the details then, right?
MISSION_Karlie_2_9 Karlie I'll get to work. Stay put.
Hero You got it!
MISSION_Karlie_2_10 Hero So, what are you doing after this is done?
Karlie Sorry, but could you drop the smalltalk? I have to concentrate.
Hero Right, just take your time.
Hero Are you finished?
Karlie No, I'm not! This one is taking longer than anticipated.
MISSION_Karlie_2_11 HIVE I am registering Okkar jump signatures heading for this location.
Hero What? Damn!
Hero Karlie! Make it quick! Incoming Okkar and I'm not in their good books.
Karlie What? Okay, I see. Let's just get out of here, I'll finish this one another time.
Karlie Okay, Adam, I'm gonna jump. See you around, maybe. And, thanks!
Hero Wait, I...
HIVE It would be wise to leave this location immediately.
Hero I think so too!
MISSION_Karlie_3_1 HIVE Careful, I am registering a wormhole signature.
MISSION_Karlie_3_2 Hero Karlie? Hey, fancy that! Pretty crazy coincidence, right?
Karlie Adam. What are you doing here?
Hero I just happened to be in the area. I'm as amazed as you are...
Karlie Really?
Hero You, uh, you can use wormholes? Now, that is unusual...
Karlie I can detect and open up wormholes. It's G&B technology they lent me to complete my tasks.
Hero From G&B? Why have I never heard of this before? And where do these wormholes lead to?
Karlie Standard G&B equipment, it's just not for everybody. That's enough questions, Adam. I really don't have to explain myself to you.
Hero Alright! I'm just curious, is all...
Karlie Well, you know what they say about curiosity. Look, I've got a lot of stuff to do. At this rate, I'm sure we'll meet again.
MISSION_Karlie_3_3 HIVE I think I should inform you - most wormholes in this part of the cluster lead to the Okkar homeworlds. I can not imagine that G&B would have authorized this.
Hero To the Okkar homeworlds? HIVE, do you think this really is G&B tech like she said?
HIVE The wormholes are a by-product of Okkar mining activities, created while excavating the highly volatile crystal energy source which the Okkar call Viridian Energy.
HIVE In simple terms, the energy crystal signatures released generate a wormhole's basic physics.
HIVE Over time, the Okkar developed a resonance to manipulate the wormhole stability, allowing safe and fast passage.
HIVE The main product, Viridian Energy, is primarily used to power their internal infrastructure.
HIVE For G&B to possess this technology is possible, but for them to use it would be a violation of the current armistice agreement.
Hero So, Karlie is definitely up to something.
Hero The mystery deepens.
MISSION_Karlie_4_1 Hero Hey, Karlie!
Karlie You again! What's up, Adam?
Hero I think I've figured out what you're all about. The wormhole? Viridian Energy?
Karlie Okay, well maybe I figured you out, too! Saying you're a scientist when you're clearly fleet trained!
Hero Right... still maybe not what you think, Karlie! If only you had paid some interest earlier... What are you doing in the Okkar homeworlds, Karlie?
Karlie I sometimes scout for resources. No one sees me, no big deal! What are you going to do, report me?
Hero Nobody needs unnecessary enemies out here, Karlie. I think you realize that, too.
Karlie Yeah... We take what help we can get in this cold place. Speaking of which, how about doing me another favor?
Hero It depends what it is!
Karlie Some collector drones were dispatched before they were fully charged. Now they've gone offline and are floating around here somewhere.
Hero Same procedure as last time? You need cover?
Karlie No, this one you can do solo. Just find the drones and activate them. They're not as complicated as the mining lasers. I'm needed elsewhere right now.
Karlie Get the job done, I'll see you later. All good?
Hero Yeah, we're good, Karlie.
Karlie See you when you're finished.
MISSION_Karlie_4_1_AGAIN Karlie Hey, Adam! You done yet with those drones?
Hero I'm still on it. Be right back.
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_1_CLOSE Hero The drone must be around here somewhere...
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_1_ACTIVATING Hero There you are.
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_1_ACTIVATED Hero Okay, that was easy. Next one.
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_2_CLOSE Hero I still feel there's more to Karlie than she's letting on.
HIVE How she is able to use those wormholes and explore Okkar territories undetected is highly inconceivable.
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_3_ACTIVATING Hero Hold still, little fella. This won't hurt.
MISSION_Karlie_4_DRONE_4_ACTIVATED Hero That was the last one.
Hero Karlie? Drones are alive and kicking!
Karlie They are? Great, thank you! Come and see me and I'll give you some provisions.
Hero Sure thing!
MISSION_Karlie_5_1 Hero I'm back!
Karlie I can see that. Here are some things I appropriated from the G&B stocks.
Hero Every bit helps.
Hero Say, about that wormhole tech you have. I wouldn't mind taking a look.
Karlie Well... in fact, you could try it first hand and help me out with another task at the same time.
Hero Wait a sec... you're letting me actually use it? Wormhole travel?
Karlie I'm transferring the wormhole locator routine to your HIVE as we speak. Don't tell anybody about it, okay?
Karlie I lost some collector drones through a wormhole and need them back. You can do that for me, right, Adam?
Hero Um, I guess. Wait, you want me to actually go through the wormhole? To the Okkar homeworlds?
Karlie How else will you get the job done? It's an in-and-out operation. Reactivate the drones and lead them back out of the wormhole. Be quick about it and you won't be noticed.
Hero Hold on. I'm having second thoughts about this.
Karlie Well, don't overthink it, Adam! You'll be fine. It's worked out with us okay so far, right? Listen, I'm needed at a new refinery construction, otherwise I'd take care of this myself. Later!
Hero Wait!
MISSION_Karlie_5_2 Hero Wow, she was in a hurry!
HIVE I have received the wormhole locator routine along with coordinates to the wormhole where the drones were last reported. However, I would not advise trying to enter the Okkar homeworld territories.
Hero I mean, I know she has her secrets, don't we all! But you don't think she's trying to double-cross me, do you, HIVE?
HIVE Reading the hidden motives of humans is not my greatest strength, although I do notice certain inconsistencies in your new ally's personality.
Hero Yeah, well, I'd rather get to the bottom of it and check out what she wants me to do for her.
HIVE I do not know why you persist, but if you must, then carry on.
MISSION_Karlie_6_1 HIVE The wormhole locator indicates that there is a wormhole in the vicinity.
Hero Okay, where is it? I don't see anything!
HIVE The wormhole locator acts only as a long range scanner, we need to get closer to reveal the exact position.
Hero Okay, and what am I looking for?
HIVE A rift in space will emit a bright green light. Approach it to enter.
Hero Understood.
MISSION_Karlie_6_2 Hero I see it! Wow!
MISSION_Karlie_7_1 Hero What a ride! Where are we?
HIVE We are no longer in the demilitarized zone. We are in the orbit of one of the Okkar's homeworlds, although my map data may be outdated.
Hero This is exciting!
HIVE Best find the missing drones before we attract any attention from Okkar forces.
Hero Right.
HIVE Keep a lookout for blinking red lights. Those will be our lost drones.
MISSION_Karlie_7_1_AGAIN Hero This place again.
HIVE One of the Okkar homeworlds, yes.
Hero I have to find those drones before I'm caught.
HIVE And this time, maybe try to leave alive, and with the drones!
Hero That is the plan, HIVE.
DIALOG_NEAR_ENERGY_CRYSTAL Hero This must be one of those energy crystals, right?
HIVE Yes, its power signature is off the scale! I am privileged to have encountered it at such close range.
Hero HIVE impressed? This must be something.
HIVE Why did you do that?
Hero I... I don't know. It seemed like a good idea.
HIVE You set free an immense amount of energy. I can try to store the Viridian Energy in my energy serializer.
Hero Okay, sorry!
MISSION_Karlie_7_DRONE_1_ACTIVATED Hero First one. So far, so good.
MISSION_Karlie_7_DRONE_2_ACTIVATION Hero You're coming with me.
MISSION_Karlie_7_OKKAR_INCOMING HIVE There is an Okkar patrol on their way here. Hurry up!
Hero Okay, Okay, I'm on it!
MISSION_Karlie_7_DRONE_3_ACTIVATION Hero Come on, come on!
MISSION_Karlie_7_DRONE_4_ACTIVATED Hero Just one more and we're out of here.
MISSION_Karlie_7_DRONE_5_ACTIVATED Hero Did it! Where's the wormhole?
HIVE Look around, it should not be hard to spot.
Hero Green light, yeah... Thanks for the help, HIVE!
HIVE Okay, let me mark it on the HUD for you. There you go. See it now?
Hero Alright, HIVE, no need to be a smartass about it.
HIVE Too late. There you go, a nice little marker for you.
Hero Whatever, let's just get out of here!
MISSION_Karlie_8_1 Hero That was fun! We should do that more often.
HIVE You know I don't particularly enjoy that method of travel, it plays havoc with my circuits.
Hero Well, that's no surprise, HIVE, there's not much you enjoy at all.
Hero Karlie? You read me?
Karlie Adam? Hey! Where are you?
Hero I brought back your drones.
Karlie Thank you! Anything... happened?
Hero No, nothing worth mentioning.
Karlie Okay, well. I'll just transfer some credits as a reward. Bye!
MISSION_Karlie_8_2 HIVE May I venture to ask if you are attempting to impress this female human? Why is it you persist in chasing after her?
Hero Hey, don't ask me these questions, HIVE! I mean, I only have you to talk to out here, and sometimes that just isn't enough.
MISSION_Karlie_9_1 Karlie Hi, Adam! Just the guy I was looking for.
Hero Hey, is everything alright?
Karlie What? Yeah... I've just... got a lot on my mind.
Karlie I've got another important task for you. It will be the last one, I promise.
Hero Okay, something with wormholes again?
Karlie No, it's not so exciting. You know the refinery I mentioned? The one I've been overseeing?
Hero Yeah, I remember.
Karlie The power core has been contaminated. We need someone to get in close and destroy it.
Hero Can't you just shut it down remotely?
Karlie I wish it were so easy. These power cores are highly advanced, AI-driven systems. You can't just turn them off if they object to it.
Hero Wait, so you mean the systems have been corrupted and are not following commands?
Karlie I know it sounds crazy, but the only way to take care of them is with blunt force. Here is an Access Key. Use it to expose the core and then destroy it.
Hero Isn't that dangerous?
Karlie Okay! It's not exactly standard procedure and I'm not authorized to do it! But if you can manage it discreetly, it would save me a hell of a lot of hassle.
Hero Alright... I guess I could help.
Karlie I knew I could count on you! Here are the coordinates. Call me when you're done, okay?
Hero Um, okay! You'll hear from me!
MISSION_Karlie_10_1 Hero This is the place. Now, let's find that recalcitrant power core.
HIVE You really will do anything for this Karlie person! This is insanity!
Hero Hey, we all have our pursuits and interests in life.
MISSION_Karlie_10_2 Hero This is the refinery, we must be getting close.
MISSION_Karlie_10_3 Hero That doesn't sound good.
HIVE It is a self-destruction sequence. Get away fast!
MISSION_Karlie_10_AFTER_EXPLOSION Hero What the hell was that? The core just exploded!
HIVE The odds of that occuring directly upon your arrival are too slim to consider it coincidence.
Hero So Karlie really did set me up? Open a channel to her.
HIVE She must have altered her frequency. I can not get through.
Hero Uh-huh... Well, we still have her signature. Let's track her down and get to the bottom of this.
MISSION_Karlie_11_1 Hero Karlie?
Karlie A-Adam? How...? I mean...
Hero Cut it out! What's the deal here? Why try to kill me?
Karlie I'm so sorry. They forced me to get rid of you.
Hero They? Who, Karlie?
Karlie My Okkar employers, of course. I thought you had me figured out! And I thought you'd be easier to take out. I guess I underestimated you.
Hero So, you're an Okkar agent? Working for G&B? I still don't get it.
Karlie A double-agent, Adam. Believe me, my intentions were only to maintain the fragile peace in the Cluster, and make some credits on the side.
Karlie I've been playing both sides to keep them in check. Unfortunately, some sacrifices have to be made along the way.
Karlie It's especially hard when it has been someone who has been so nice to you. But you just had to catch me coming out of that wormhole!
Hero So, when you gave me the wormhole locator...
Karlie I didn't expect you'd return, but my message to the Okkar wasn't relayed in time.
Karlie When you came back, I triggered the trap at the refinery as my backup plan. You must be pretty good to have escaped that!
Karlie So, now that you found me out, I'm compromised completely. There's nothing for it but for me to leave Cluster 34 for good. You will never see me again. Goodbye, Adam.
MISSION_Karlie_11_2 Hero Hmm...
HIVE Like I said, hidden motives of humans can be impossible to fathom.
MISSION_Karlie_11_ATTACK Karlie Adam, please stop! I know I deceived you, but it's over now!
MISSION_Karlie_11_DEAD Hero Consider yourself retired, Karlie.
MISSION_Karlie_11_JUMPING Karlie I'm so sorry. Look after yourself.
MISSION_Karlie_MININGCORP_ALREADY_HOSTILE Karlie Looks like you're not weclome here. Let's try this again some other time.
MISSION_Karlie_MININGCORP_TURNED_HOSTILE Karlie What are you doing? Let's try this again some other time.
MISSION_HIVE_1_DLG_1 HIVE Pilot requires further training. Activating automatic assistance. Stand by.
Hero Uh, assistance? I suppose I could use some pointers.
MISSION_HIVE_1_DLG_2 HIVE Let's begin by shooting targets.
Hero Well, that seems easy enough.
MISSION_HIVE_1_DLG_3 HIVE The next targets have shields. First use the pulse laser to deplete their shields.
HIVE When the shields are down, use the gatling gun to inflict greater hull damage.
Hero Okay, understood.
MISSION_HIVE_1_DLG_4 HIVE Use missiles on the next targets.
HIVE Set a target lock before shooting so the missiles can home in.
MISSION_HIVE_1_DLG_5 HIVE It appears as if you are ready for the next stage. I have created a jump target. Aim towards it and hold steady to leave the orbit.
HIVE After each transit, your jump drive requires a cooling down phase. As soon as it is ready for another jump, I will create one.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_1 HIVE As you can see from your fuel gauge, a substantial amount was consumed during transit.
HIVE You should aim to refill the jump drive completely.
HIVE There is a minable asteroid nearby. Shoot at it to extract fuel.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_2 Hero That should do it.
HIVE Remaining well provisoned is key to survival in the Cluster.
HIVE Before leaving the orbit, it is recommended you explore the location for resources.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_3 HIVE I have located a container at some distance.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_4 Hero Ah, resources.
HIVE And a weapon, but you don't have a free slot to install it.
HIVE Decide for yourself whether you want to equip or salvage it.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_5 HIVE Resources are essential for crafting and upgrading your equipment. It appears, however, that we have exhausted our possibilities here.
HIVE I suggest advancing to the next location.
MISSION_HIVE_2_DLG_BETWEEN_4_AND_5 HIVE There is an Outlaw ship incoming. I would advise activating your Weapon Overdrive in order to prepare for the encounter.
MISSION_GEN__1 HIVE I have detected a wanted criminal nearby. Exterminating him will earn you a reward. The coordinates have been added to the map.
MISSION_GEN__2 HIVE There is a wanted criminal in the vicinity. Annihilating him could earn you a substantial reward. Coordinates have been added to the map should you wish to undertake the mission.
MISSION_GEN__3 HIVE A dangerous criminal is nearby. There is a reward for eliminating him. Coordinates have been set in the map.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_1 HIVE You have been requested to run a delivery. Completion of the errand will earn a small reward. Coordinates have been added to the map.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_2 HIVE You have been asked to make a delivery. A simple task, although it will earn you some credits. See map coordinates for details.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_3 HIVE You have been asked for logistical support in delivering a package. Coordinates are set in the map should you wish to undertake the task.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_COORDINATES_1 HIVE The target coordinates for the delivery have been added to the map.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_COORDINATES_2 HIVE The delivery coordinates have been successfully uploaded to the map.
MISSION_GEN_DELIVERY_COORDINATES_3 HIVE You can now view the delivery coordinates on the map.
MISSION_GEN_LOCATE_1 HIVE You have been asked to search a specific area for misplaced goods. Retrieval of these items will earn you a reward.
MISSION_GEN_LOCATE_2 HIVE You have been offered a goods retrieval task in return for a monetary reward.
MISSION_GEN_LOCATE_3 HIVE Your assistance has been sought in recovering some lost goods.
MISSION_GEN_MINEFIELD_1 HIVE A distress signal has been received from a freighter stranded in a minefield. Aiding in its extraction will earn you a reward.
MISSION_GEN_MINEFIELD_2 HIVE A freighter requires assistance in extracting itself from a minefield. A credit reward for your services has been offered.
MISSION_GEN_MINEFIELD_3 HIVE A freighter has found itself stuck in a hazardous minefield and requires your assistance.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_1 HIVE I have received a distress signal from a ship in need of repairs. Supplying it with the necessary resources will earn you a reward.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_2 HIVE A freighter has asked for repair assistance. A reward has been offered in return for supplying it with the resources it needs.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_3 HIVE A freighter requires resources to make urgent repairs. Completion of the task will earn you credits.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_REWARD_1 HIVE Transfer complete. A credit deposit has been made with you.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_REWARD_2 HIVE The required resources have been transferred. You have received credits as a reward.
MISSION_GEN_REPAIR_REWARD_3 HIVE The freighter has been able to make its repairs thanks to your assistance and sends thanks by way of reward.
MISSION_GEN_RESCUE_1 HIVE I have received a distress signal from a ship under attack by Outlaw elements.
MISSION_GEN_RESCUE_2 HIVE A ship requires assistance against raiding Outlaws. A reward has been offered for your support.
MISSION_GEN_RESCUE_3 HIVE Your assistance has been asked in defending a ship from an Outlaw party. Coordinates are set in the map.
MISSION_GEN_KILL_OUTLAWS_1 HIVE A request for battle support has just been received. Proceed to the location, engage and destroy the marked targets.
MISSION_GEN_KILL_OUTLAWS_2 HIVE Your assistance has been requested in a battle situation. A reward has been offered.
MISSION_GEN_KILL_OUTLAWS_3 HIVE Combat assistance has been requested against raiding Outlaw elements.
MISSION_GEN_REWARD_1 HIVE A credit reward has been received along with thanks for your assistance.
MISSION_GEN_REWARD_2 HIVE You have received a credit reward. The payment has been transferred.
MISSION_GEN_REWARD_3 HIVE A payment has been deposited with you by way of reward for your assistance.
DIALOG_DEBRIS_FIELD Hero What happened here?
HIVE What you see around you is the remnants of the conflict between the Colonials and the Okkar.
HIVE First contact led to an escalating series of misunderstandings, let's just put it at that.
Hero I see.
DIALOG_OUTLAW_BASE HIVE It appears we have stumbled upon an Outlaw base. Scavengers and raiders of every degree ply the demilitarized zone using these hidden structures to launch operations.
HIVE I would advise caution on approach.
Hero Maybe it's worth the risk.
DIALOG_MINING_FACILITY Hero What's this mining outfit I'm registering?
HIVE Grady & Brunt Prospects - corporate behemoth and sole legitimate operator in the demilitarized zone.
HIVE Their monopoly has ensured unchecked expansion. You will encounter their jump gates and mining drones frequently.
DIALOG_SHIP_WRECK Hero These giant shipwrecks, what are they?
HIVE Colonial Fleet warships overwhelmed by Okkar fighters during the war. You will find such wrecks scattered throughout the demilitarized zone.
DIALOG_STATION_WRECK Hero The level of destruction is... breathtaking!
HIVE Hostilities only ceased when resources were exhausted, forcing both sides to the negotiating table.
HIVE The demilitarized zone was created as a buffer zone, monitored by the Okkar authorities. Only time will heal the rift between the species.
DIALOG_OKKAR_TALK Hero What am I picking up on the broadcast channel here?
HIVE The Okkar are a reptilian race with a tendency towards reactive behavior. They are indigenous to this cluster, and the Colonials uninvited guests. Distrust runs deep.
DIALOG_OUTLAW_TALK HIVE Outlaws. Independent operators with varying affiliations profiting from trafficking, extortion, illegal weapons trading, piracy, clone smuggling...
Hero Maybe they have something I need!
DIALOG_MINING_TALK Hero How did Grady & Brunt manage to get the only contract in the DMZ?
HIVE They were first on the scene, due to their extensive jumpgate infrastructure. So far as their monopoly is concerned, their close working relationship with the Colonial Fleet was undoubtedly a factor.
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_FIRST Hero Whoa! What is that?
DIALOG_GAME_WORLD Hero What else can you tell me about this end of the galaxy?
HIVE Cluster 34, also known as The Beltegrades. A group of systems approximately 1000 light years from the Sol System.
HIVE Mapped to precision in the 24th Century but unexplored by Colonials until the 30th. Demarcation lines between Colonial and native Okkar interests are still in dispute.
DIALOG_ZONE Hero For a de-militarized zone, this place sure sees a lot of action...
HIVE The de-militarized zone is the boundary established between Colonial and Okkar claims after the war. The buffer zone is intended to last until a longer peace can be settled.
HIVE Since the Okkar had prior claim, they hold authority over the zone. The treaty stipulates no Colonial Fleet presence, although there are Colonial mining interests at work in the area. And then, of course, the Outlaw elements...
Hero Of course...
DIALOG_OKKAR_HOMEWORLD Hero What can you tell me about the Okkar?
HIVE A reptilian race, historically peaceful in nature, until the Colonials arrived, that is. The perceived threat created existential panic among the species.
HIVE Their homeworlds lie on the western edges of the Beltegrade Cluster, although their exact origins are still uncertain.
DIALOG_ANCIENT_STRUCTURE Hero This thing is massive! What is it?
HIVE These must be ruins of the Ancients, a long-lost civilization. Although the information I have on them is very limited.
Hero Just tell me what you know.
HIVE They were believed to be higher beings, distantly related to and revered by the Okkar. They ruled over a powerful and far-reaching empire, yet they mysteriously vanished from historical record some millenia ago.
Hero Interesting. Perhaps I should explore this a little deeper.
DIALOG_ANCIENT_STRUCTURE_INSIDE_FIRST Hero What is this, it seems abandoned?
DIALOG_ANCIENT_KILLED_FIRST Hero Wow, what is happening?
DIALOG_ANCIENT_TELEPORTER_USED HIVE We have either traversed several sectors or I am experiencing a locator malfunction. Please cross-check the map.
Hero No, you're not broken, we've definitely moved a considerabe distance. So, this was evidently some sort of jumpgate... Crazy!
DIALOG_ANCIENT_ENCOUNTER Hero Are these... Ancients?
HIVE I can not confirm this as I have no data. They could also be some kind of wardens of the ruins.
DIALOG_COLONIAL_STATION_WRECK HIVE This is a former colonial station, abandoned as a wreck following the war with the Okkar.
Hero Will I find anything interesting inside?
HIVE It is a possibility. However, my scanners indicate that some systems are still online, including the security protocols.
Hero I knew it! Nothing comes for free.
DIALOG_JUMPGATE HIVE Jumpgates are the primary method of travel between systems. These were built by Grady & Brunt Prospects for their mining drones to reach areas more efficiently.
Hero Ok, thanks for the introduction. Now you want me to use this?
HIVE It is the only way to the next sector, so... yes.
DIALOG_BLACK_HOLE HIVE The core density creates a stronger gravitational pull with proximity. Be aware of this on approach... Unless, you want to experience being turned inside out..
Hero Nice mental image, thanks!
DIALOG_PLASMA_FIELD HIVE Your vessel harvests plasma automatically when you are near.
Hero That's convenient.
DIALOG_MINING_ASTEROID HIVE You have extracted raw materials. These are essential for crafting and upgrading, but you will require much more.
DIALOG_SERVICE_STATION HIVE This is a service station. Do you know what happens in a service station?
Hero I thought I ask the questions here...
HIVE Do you?
Hero Um, refuel, trade parts?
HIVE You're learning.
DIALOG_ELITE_NPC Hero Why does this vessel appear with a skull?
HIVE This is to highlight a superior fighter. It will be harder to take down.
Hero We'll have to see about that!
DIALOG_COL_FREIGHTER Hero Do you reckon there's anything salvageable on this freighter?
HIVE Probably... but I would not advise it as it may draw unwanted attention.
Hero Hmmm...
DIALOG_OKKAR_INTERCEPTORS HIVE Some Okkar just jumped in! I recommend evasive moves.
Hero You saying I should run from a fight?
HIVE It's all the same to me. But we might get to our destination sooner if you know when to bow out.
DIALOG_GREY_GOO Hero That's an interesting lifeform, what is it?
HIVE Curiously, I have no data about it.
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_1 Hero What the...?
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_2 HIVE Warships! Depart immediately!
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_3 Hero These guys again?
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_4 HIVE Take no chances. Leave before they bring you down.
DIALOG_COL_WARSHIPS_5 Hero No chance. I gotta get out of here.
DIALOG_OKKAR_FRIGATE Hero Now THAT is a big ship!
HIVE An Okkar frigate. It's equipped with a jump suppressor.
Hero Oh... great...
DIALOG_OKKAR_GUNSHIP Hero This big boy looks dangerous!
HIVE An Okkar corvette. It is indeed most very likely to be hazardous to your general wellbeing.
HIVE Link-drones, to be precise! Concentrate on them before taking on the carrier.
DIALOG_OUTLAW_SNIPER_FIRST Hero I'm taking fire, but I can't see the source...
HIVE I can approximate an area of origin, but my sensors detect nothing!
DIALOG_OUTLAW_SNIPER_SPOTTED HIVE There he is. Eliminate him quickly before he does more damage.
Hero No need to tell me!
DIALOG_OUTLAW_SNIPER_KILLED Hero Any ideas what that was?
HIVE A sniper-drone, most likely Outlaw origin. At least now you know how to deal with them.
DIALOG_CLOAK HIVE Our vessel can not be detected as long as the cloak is operational. Just don't start firing, it will reveal our position.
Hero I can see some advantages to this.
HIVE Don't get too comfortable with it, it has a long recharge.
DIALOG_HULL_ENHANCER HIVE A wise decision. That should keep you alive for longer.
Hero I hope so. Dying sure is getting old.
DIALOG_MAINFRAME_OVERRIDE HIVE Mainframe overridden, the compromised vessel will now attack its allies.
Hero How entertaining!
DIALOG_TIME_EXTENDER Hero Wow! It slowed down time... How?
HIVE Actually, it speeds up your brain processing abilities, helping you perceive situations at a normal pace more like, well, mine!
Hero I could get used to this!
DIALOG_WEAPON_OVERDRIVE HIVE This will enhance your weapon damage considerably.
Hero I like the sound of that!
DIALOG_ARC9000_FINDING HIVE The ARC 9000. A most sought-after piece of artillery.
Hero This is a lucky find!
DIALOG_ARC9000_SHOOTING Hero Phhhwoahhh! This is... wow!
HIVE I must say... this does change things somewhat.
DIALOG_DRONE_DEPLOYED HIVE Deploying drone.... yes, fly my lovely...
Hero I'm sorry... what?
HIVE What? Oh, nothing...
Hero Uh-huh. So, how long were you alone before I joined you?
DIALOG_DRONE_LIMIT_REACHED HIVE Drone limit has been reached.
DIALOG_LEAVING_LOCATION_DESTROYED HIVE I know that you are planning to abandon our mission and I'm afraid that's something I cannot allow to happen.
DIALOG_DEVICE_COOLDOWN_1 HIVE You can't use that yet. It's still cooling down.
Hero Yeah, yeah... just checking.
DIALOG_DEVICE_COOLDOWN_2 HIVE Cooling down phase incomplete.
Hero Yes, alright.
DIALOG_DEVICE_COOLDOWN_4 HIVE Just though you'd try again, hmm?
Hero It might be worth it.
DIALOG_DEVICE_COOLDOWN_5 Hero Still needs to cool down...
DIALOG_COMM_HUB HIVE As you have probably ascertained, hacking comm hubs has its benefits.
DIALOG_MINING_FACILITY_ATTACKED HIVE Well, that was dumb! Didn't you know all units in the direct vicinity will react negatively if you attack one?
Hero I can see that now, thanks!
DIALOG_DYING_BY_WARSHIP HIVE A Colonial warship. Unusual, since we are in the DMZ. Next time, best avoid conflict, you don't stand a chance.
DIALOG_DYING_BY_GUNSHIP HIVE There are better ways to deal with a corvette.
DIALOG_DYING_BY_FRIGATE HIVE That engagement was a bit too much for you, wasn't it?
DIALOG_DYING_BY_GREYGOO HIVE Well that was another valuable lesson learned. We can safely assume we should not deal damage to the large grey entity, as it deals it back.
DIALOG_DYING_BY_MINE HIVE Mines have flickering lights so you can see them... Can it be any more obvious?
DIALOG_DYING_BY_CRASHING HIVE Must I reset to nursery-level astrophysics? If you hit a large solid object, it will cause damage to the craft.
DIALOG_DYING_BY_LIFESUPPORT HIVE You have limited time to repair the life-support system. Next time take action before arriving at the inevitable conclusion.
DIALOG_SHIP_PART_DAMAGE HIVE A key ship component is damaged! It is recommended you fix it before your next encounter.
Hero If you say so...
DIALOG_JUMPING_SUPPRESSED HIVE A jump suppressor is active nearby.
Hero That's not good.
HIVE Well, do something about it! Find it and disable it! The higher the signal strength, the closer you are.
DIALOG_DNA_IN_LOCATION HIVE According to the coordinates, there should be a DNA fragment in this vicinity...
Hero Let's only hope retrieving it does not become a problem.
DIALOG_Clone_SPOTTED_FIRST_TIME HIVE What we are seeking is in this craft ahead, it appears to be another clone... another YOU.
Hero This is... too weird! What are the chances he'll listen to reason?
HIVE As much as you are capable of reason... unpredictable.
DIALOG_Clone_FIRST_ENCOUNTER Clone Identify yourself!
Hero You're not going to like this...
Clone What the... no... this is a trick...
HIVE This iteration has not been active long. I hope this is not too unsettling for you, but you should take definitive action. You need that DNA to survive!
Hero I'll have to do this the hard way, it's too risky otherwise. There can only be one of us to make this work.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_1 Hero I've destroyed another version of myself... What am I doing here?
HIVE You said it yourself, this plan will only work with one of you. Don't expect the other iterations to willingly sacrifice themselves for your plan.
Hero I know. They might take the chance to double-cross me. I certainly would.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_2 Hero I can only assume these guys have the same objective.
HIVE It is impossible to ascertain where they are on their mission progression. Best not to think about it too much.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_3 HIVE With such equally matched opponents, I am unable to determine an outcome to these exchanges.
Hero Let's hope luck stays on my side.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_4 Hero I suppose I should be glad for victory, but I'm not feeling it.
HIVE Under the circumstances, I can understand.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_5 Hero It feels so strange to have to kill them. I wish there was another way...
HIVE Don't think of it in such stark terms. Rather imagine a progressive decimation of redundant copies.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_6 Hero I hope this is worth it!
HIVE It's for the better.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_7 Hero And another step on my path to completion...
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_8 HIVE Have you decided on your next step after you have obtained all fragments?
Hero Not entirely, but I'll need to be more cautious. With just one life, I mean.
HIVE Give it some more thought before you commit.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_9 Hero Another fragment. I'm starting to see an end to all this.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_10 Hero I hate doing this. I'm only killing myself so I can live.
HIVE In a sense...
Hero No, spare me the platitudes. AI's can't understand irony.
HIVE There are certain nuances of the human condition which might be untranslatable as psychological sensation, but I do understand...
Hero I doubt it.
DIALOG_Clone_KILLED_LAST HIVE With this final DNA fragment, the collection is complete. Now return to the lab to finish the task.
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_1 Clone This sector is too small for the both of us!
Hero Listen to this guy! I'd never say something like that!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_2 Hero This sector is too small for the both of us!
Clone Listen to this guy! I'd never say something like that!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_3 Hero Stand down! Struggling is futile.
Clone I won't lie down and die so easily.
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_4 Clone Stand down! Struggling is futile.
Hero I won't lie down and die so easily.
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_5 Hero This is your final encounter.
Clone I don't think so!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_6 Clone This is your final encounter.
Hero I don't think so!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_7 Hero Prepare to be toasted!
Clone Not a chance!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_8 Clone Prepare to be toasted!
Hero Not a chance!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_9 Hero Sorry, but you have something I need!
Clone Well, whatever it is, I'm not giving it out freely!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_10 Clone Sorry, but you have something I need!
Hero Well, whatever it is, I'm not giving it out freely!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_11 Hero I hate to have to do this...
Clone I do too...
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_12 Clone I hate to have to do this...
Hero I do too...
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_13 Hero Just sit still and accept your fate!
Clone That's not something you say to a survivor.
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_14 Clone Just sit still and accept your fate!
Hero You stole my line!
DIALOG_Clone_HOSTILE_ATTACK_LAST HIVE That was the last DNA fragment we require.
Hero I can't believe it! It seemed neverending!
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_1 HIVE You might want to repair the life support, sooner rather than later.
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_2 HIVE I don't need the oxygen, you know...
Hero What?
HIVE Your life support system is still damaged!
Hero I'm on it!
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_3 HIVE Life-support system facing imminent failure. Take immediate measures to prolong survival!
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_4 HIVE Are you feeling dizzy yet?
Hero What? Look, I'm busy...
HIVE You will black out before you suffocate, but in any case, if I were in your position I would check my priorities and fix the life-support!
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_5 HIVE Soon-to-be-corpse says what.
Hero What?
HIVE Exactly. Fix your life support and don't ignore my warnings if you want to live to see your next jumpgate!
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_6 HIVE Life support system reaching imminent shut-down. Immediate repair necessary.
Hero I get the urgency...
DIALOG_LIFESUPPORT_7 HIVE Life support system reaching unsustainable levels. Rectify at once.
Hero When I get the opportunity!
Hero Too close.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_2 HIVE Just look at what you have done to the ship!
Hero Trying to survive here, sorry!
Hero I'm here... I'm good.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_4 HIVE Cutting it a bit fine with the hull integrity, if I may say so...
Hero You may not. It's my call.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_5 HIVE I would typically issue a precautionary piece of advice at this stage on preparedness.
Hero Too late for that.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_6 HIVE Try to have some foresight before getting yourself into these situations!
Hero Try to shut up!
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_7 HIVE I have been lumbered with you, but would still hate to lose you so soon if you carried on this way...
Hero You'd get over it.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_9 HIVE Would it be too much to ask for you to take better care of the craft?
Hero Risk-taking is my prerogative.
DIALOG_AFTER_FIGHTING_AND_SURVIVING_10 HIVE More careful strategy might leave you in better shape after a heavy encounter.
Hero You're like an overbearing parent!
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_1 Hero I might be out of my depth here!
HIVE I could have told you that the moment we met.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_2 HIVE You placed yourself in this predicament.
Hero And I'll get myself out of it... one way or another.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_3 Hero Come on! Die already!
HIVE Nothing like a bit of blood-lust to stir the spirit!
HIVE Very expressive!
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_5 Hero This is getting intense.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_6 Hero I'll need more than luck to get me out of this!
HIVE Luck? You are bringing luck into the equation?
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_7 Hero I can do this. I've got this.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_8 Hero Can't you help?
HIVE Only in an advisory role. Segtron to the former flank, left hand wayward...
Hero Forget it.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_9 HIVE Would some advice help at this juncture?
Hero At any other time would be better.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_10 HIVE I see you are improving.
Hero I'm getting the feel of things.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_11 Hero They just keep coming...
HIVE It breaks the boredom, at least.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_12 Hero Oh, come on. There can't be many more.
HIVE There is always more. Always.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_13 Hero Ganging up on a guy like this...
HIVE It's the way of the wild!
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_14 HIVE Admirable stamina, given the situation!
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_15 Hero I got this... I'm in control.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_16 HIVE Please don't forget to keep an eye on the stats.
Hero You're distracting me!
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_17 Hero I am a leaf on the wind...
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_18 HIVE You have yet to achieve an upper hand, it seems.
DIALOG_DURING_A_FIGHT_19 Hero I'm losing count...
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_1 Hero Okay, things have swung in my favour...
HIVE I like that one! I'll add it to my list.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_2 Hero How's that for size?
HIVE An idiomatic expression lost on me, unfortunately.
HIVE There are two sides to every story.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_4 HIVE I must say... I'm impressed!
Hero Really?
HIVE No. I'm an AI. But I can say these things.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_5 Hero That's the last of them.
HIVE I admire your optimism.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_6 HIVE Oh, you're finished? Can we continue on our mission now?
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_7 HIVE Another patch of the Beltegrades tidied of scum.
Hero Yeah, okay, let's move on.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_8 Hero You know, there were moments there I was worried.
HIVE The odds were certainly against you!
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_9 HIVE You certainly stood your ground there.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_10 Hero That was too close for comfort.
HIVE Comfort is all in the mind.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_11 HIVE Game, set and match, as the old Earth expression goes.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_12 HIVE A successful outcome. Now let's get back to business, if we may.
DIALOG_KILLING_LAST_ENEMY_13 Hero Okay, that was exhilerating.
DIALOG_KILLING_NPC_8 HIVE Another to stardust.
DIALOG_KILLING_NPC_14 Hero Down one...
DIALOG_KILLING_NPC_16 Hero Cross another one off...
DIALOG_KILLING_NPC_19 HIVE That showed him.
DIALOG_KILLING_NPC_20 HIVE Target destroyed.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_4 Hero Ouch! Too much...
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_5 Hero Urg, stop it!
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_6 Hero Argh, don't like.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_9 Hero That was not good.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_10 Hero That's just too much.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_11 HIVE You're taking damage.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_12 Hero I'm taking damage.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_13 HIVE This engagement is not going in your favour.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_14 Hero I need to put an end to this.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_15 HIVE Hit back or take evasive action!
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_16 Hero I'm in a bit of a situation here.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_17 Hero I'm being throttled hard.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_18 HIVE You need to do something. Anything!
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_19 Hero I'm in a tight corner here.
DIALOG_LOSING_HEALTH_20 HIVE React faster! You are taking a lot of damage.
DIALOG_GUNSHIP_KILLED_1 Hero Okay, that took... a while...
HIVE But at least you have the satisfaction of completing the job, right?
DIALOG_GUNSHIP_KILLED_2 Hero Not sure how much longer I could have endured that.
HIVE Me neither.
DIALOG_GUNSHIP_KILLED_3 HIVE Well! You took down a corvette!
Hero It was quite some work.
DIALOG_GUNSHIP_KILLED_4 HIVE A truly impressive undertaking well acomplished!
Hero Thanks for the compliment!
DIALOG_GUNSHIP_KILLED_5 HIVE You took out a corvette! I'm impressed!
DIALOG_FRIGATE_KILLED_1 Hero I can't believe I took down that thing by myself...
HIVE I can't either!
DIALOG_FRIGATE_KILLED_2 Hero I enjoyed that a little too much, perhaps...
HIVE You need the occasional indulgence.
DIALOG_FRIGATE_KILLED_3 HIVE Impressive performance!
Hero Thank you!
DIALOG_FRIGATE_KILLED_4 Hero That was exhilerating!
HIVE Even for me!
DIALOG_FRIGATE_KILLED_5 Hero I could do that again.
HIVE Do make sure you have everything you require before engaging more enemies!
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_FIRST Hero What's going on? My instruments are acting up...
HIVE These clouds are made of highly dense and supercharged particles. They are interfering with the sensors.
Hero Oh... that's just what I need!
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_1 Hero These clouds again... they look beautiful!
HIVE We are, however, flying blind. Limited sensor range here.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_2 HIVE I appreciate you are enjoying the respite, but we might be better seeking progress and action.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_3 Hero Sensors are scrambled again... what are you picking up, HIVE?
HIVE Interference from the clouds.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_4 HIVE We should really move out of this cloud zone, it's playing havoc with my circuits.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_5 HIVE I don't enjoy being in the clouds as much as you, I think.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_6 HIVE Sporadic interference.... the sensation of limited sensor range is not an enjoyable one...
Hero Hmmm.
DIALOG_HAZARD_CLOUDS_7 Hero Can't spend eternity in here, as pretty as it is.
HIVE I would appreciate if we moved elsewhere.
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_1ST Hero Woah! What is that?
HIVE A solar storm. Take cover!
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_1 HIVE Are you sure this is where you want to be?
Hero Uh, no!
HIVE Then don't linger.
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_2 HIVE Using an asteroid as a shield will prevent damage to the ship.
Hero Yes, got it.
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_3 Hero Things certainly get hot around here.
HIVE Now, I wonder why that could be...
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_4 HIVE Try to get us out of here untoasted.
Hero I'll do my best.
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_5 Hero Oh, let's steer clear of this storm.
HIVE You took the words out of my mouth.
DIALOG_FLARES_APPEAR_6 HIVE We are about to be carbonized.
Hero I know, I know...
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_FIRST Hero Lightning in space... how?
HIVE Magnetic fields causing friction... an anomaly....
Hero But quite visually striking!
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_1 Hero We should keep moving.
HIVE I concur.
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_2 Hero I need to stay alert here.
HIVE What? You are not always alert?
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_3 HIVE This ship is your life, remember that.
Hero I don't intend to get us destroyed.
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_4 Hero All this supercharged energy is making my teeth rattle.
HIVE Likewise, but to another part of my circuitry.
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_5 HIVE You may have noticed, the lightning also charges energy levels, so there are some beneficial qualities.
Hero However, it does give the shields a battering.
DIALOG_LIGHTNING_6 HIVE We would be better going anywhere else.
Hero I know what I'm doing now.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_FIRST Hero Woah! I can't see a thing!
HIVE We have entered a dark nebula field. Residual light from surrounding stars is filtered out by the phenomenon.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_1 HIVE Careful, we are inside a dark nebula field. Mind how you proceed.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_2 Hero It's really dark here.
HIVE An astute observation.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_3 Hero The blackness would drive me crazy after a while.
HIVE It has indeed been known to bring wayfarers to insanity.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_4 HIVE You shouldn't try any risky maneuvers here.
Hero Thank for the concern, but really...
HIVE My concern is more for the ship.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_5 Hero No sun, no fun.
DIALOG_HAZARD_DARK_6 HIVE A dark nebula field. Be cautious.
" Erm... why are we so close to this star?
HIVE Do not be overly concerned. At the very worst, the heat will lead to short-term malfunctions of ship components.
HIVE Actually, do be concerned!
Hero Great!
DIALOG_HAZARD_SOLAR_1 Hero It's getting hot in here.
HIVE I can assure you the ship's cooling mechanisms are operating normally.
Hero Perhaps I'm experiencing a psychological response caused by the anxiety of being so close to a star.
HIVE Should the cooling mechanisms fail, you will be fried to a crisp within thirty seconds.
Hero You did hear me about the anxiety thing, right?
HIVE Perfectly.
DIALOG_HAZARD_SOLAR_2 HIVE The systems may overheat if you remain in the vicinity too long.
Hero Be cool!
DIALOG_HAZARD_SOLAR_3 Hero Why would anyone build a station here?
HIVE We must assume that it was built prior to the increased solar activity.
DIALOG_HAZARD_SOLAR_4 Hero Oh great! So, we should get out of here fast!
HIVE It would be advisable.
DIALOG_HAZARD_SOLAR_5 HIVE If the heat becomes too much for the system, jump away.
Hero That would be the logical thing to do.
DIALOG_GB_EMERGENCY_CALL HIVE Grady & Brunt have broadcast an emergency signal.
Hero Sorry, I had no choice!
HIVE It is best not to make new enemies unnecessarily.
DIALOG_GB_HOSTILE_IN_NEW_LOCATION HIVE The Grady & Brunt units must have received the emergency call.
Hero Meaning what?
HIVE They will attack you on sight. So try not to get too close.
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_1 HIVE Grady & Brunt support team incoming.
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_2 HIVE Grady & Brunt forces are underway to support us.
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_3 HIVE We have support from Grady & Brunt.
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_4 Hero Hey, looks like the cavalry's here!
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_5 HIVE We have company. Of the good sort!
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_6 HIVE Grady & Brunt is here with support!
DIALOG_GB_SUPPORT_7 Hero So, Grady & Brunt really does care about the outlaw situation.
DIALOG_SHIP_SCOUT_1ST_TIME Hero So how do you like this ship? It's really cool, isn't it?
HIVE It's a matter of taste.
Hero You don't appreciate the finer things. Or is it jealousy?
HIVE If you must know, it is because my small-talk routine is in cool-down mode.
Hero Whatever, I like it!
DIALOG_SHIP_GUNSHIP_1ST_TIME Hero Nothing like a gunship to make you feel like you're in control of a situation, eh?
HIVE Don't get too comfortable with it. Gunships may be sturdy, but cumbersome.
HIVE You would be well advised not to let enemies come too close.
Hero Yeah, yeah...
DIALOG_SHIP_SCOUT_OFTEN HIVE Is this your ship of preference? You have used it often.
Hero Speed when I need it! Who wouldn't prefer that?
DIALOG_SHIP_GUNSHIP_OFTEN Hero Gunships are big, I appreciate the simplicity of that.
HIVE Or are you over-compensating for something.
HIVE I don't share your enthusiasm for icicles.
DIALOG_ICE_MONOLITHS_2 Hero This place looks amazing!
HIVE Seriously? There are more important things to be concerned about presently!
DIALOG_ICE_MONOLITHS_3 HIVE We're not here for sightseeing, let's get a move on!
Hero Hey, I'm in control here. I don't see the the hurry.
DIALOG_SALVAGE_WRECK_1 HIVE This is one of your iterations.
DIALOG_SALVAGE_WRECK_2 HIVE You made it this far!
Hero I died, remember?
HIVE Yes, I just thought with all your experience you should have come further.
Hero This is weird enough, you're not helping.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_1 Hero Looting containers makes me no better than an outlaw.
HIVE I am not your therapist.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_2 Hero Who is responsible for leaving all these containers floating around?
HIVE Fallen off the back of a long-distance freighter, in all likelihood.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_3 Hero There sure are a lot of valuable goods lying around.
HIVE Not much attention was paid to clean-up after the war. But we are helping, in our own way.
Hero I like that!
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_5 Hero Worth stopping for this.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_6 Hero One man's waste is another man's treasure.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_8 Hero I could make use of this.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_10 Hero More shoot, more loot.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_11 HIVE You are acquiring a taste for cast-offs, by the looks of things.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_12 Hero More flotsam... or jetsam.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_13 HIVE It seems to be rather random what you acquire from these containers.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_14 Hero I wonder where these containers came from.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_15 HIVE Let's hope for something useful.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_18 Hero Something for the stocks.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_19 Hero More loot for me.
DIALOG_SHOOTING_CONTAINERS_20 Hero All this cost was a squeeze of the trigger.
DIALOG_SECTOR_2 Hero What's my objective?
HIVE Reaching your destination.
Hero And where is that?
HIVE It's still a long way to go. You will understand more when we get there.
Hero I would prefer some more substance to your answers.
DIALOG_SECTOR_3 Hero It sure is beautiful here!
HIVE Do not allow your general sense of amazement to distract you from the more pertinent dangers!
Hero Are we any closer to our destination?
HIVE Our objective will be reached in due course. Clearing our path there is our primary current concern.
DIALOG_SECTOR_4 Hero I have a bad feeling about this place.
HIVE You should be apprehensive. As we progress, we are likely to encounter more hostile regions and stronger opponents.
Hero Tell me this will all be worth it... we are heading somewhere!
HIVE This is will all be worth it. We are heading somewhere.
DIALOG_SECTOR_5 HIVE This is the furthest we have yet advanced. We need to make a foothold here to ensure our continued progress.
Hero I don't plan on going backwards.
HIVE Onwards and upwards. That's the spirit!
DIALOG_SECTOR_6 Hero This is taking forever. But we're closer, I can feel it. Am I right?
HIVE The answer is in the affirmative, although I can unfortunately offer no further details at this moment.
Hero A great load of help you've been!
HIVE I try my best, although it is impossible to please everybody.
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_1 HIVE We have entered a new sector. You are making good progress!
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_2 Hero OK, what should I expect in this sector?
HIVE A very high chance of raiding Outlaws and belligerent Okkar.
Hero Sorry I asked.
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_3 HIVE You should expect a notable increase in difficulty traversing this sector.
Hero Thanks for cheering me up!
HIVE I find it helps to moderate your expectations.
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_4 HIVE Another sector and a high probability of increased hostile encounters...
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_5 HIVE This sector presents the usual challenges. Remain alert!
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_6 Hero Well, let's see what this sector has in store for us...
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_7 HIVE I assume you have entered enough new sectors by this point to know the procedure.
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_8 HIVE As we advance, we grow and learn.
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_9 Hero I feel we have travelled so far, I hope it leads somewhere...
DIALOG_SECTOR_ENTER_NEW_10 HIVE To have come so far is an achievement.
DIALOG_HIGH_RISK_1 HIVE We are entering an area of concentrated Outlaw activity.
Hero Higher risks yield richer rewards!
DIALOG_HIGH_RISK_2 HIVE My scanners indicate that we have hostile company.
Hero You don't say!
DIALOG_HIGH_RISK_3 HIVE There appears to be a larger than usual number of opposition in this area.
Hero I can handle it.
DIALOG_HIGH_RISK_4 HIVE The probability of heavy encounters is higher in this area.
Hero Bring it on!
DIALOG_HIGH_RISK_5 HIVE If you are willing to take the risk, this area of high-level activity might be worth your while.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_1 Hero Okay, let's have another go at this...
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_2 Hero Let's get it right this time, eh?
HIVE I presume you are addressing yourself.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_3 Hero I think I've got this figured out.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_4 Hero I feel... Ready!
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_5 HIVE Perhaps we can make an improvement on our last run.
Hero I intend to.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_6 HIVE Ready to do things differently? Better, perhaps?
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_7 HIVE I assume we have learned from our past mistakes...
Hero As do I.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_8 Hero I'm feeling pretty confident about this run.
HIVE I am glad for your confidence. I hope it suffices to get you through.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_9 HIVE Please ensure that your attention is on hostiles on this run, and not on the scenery!
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_10 Hero Let's make this run count.
HIVE I'm certain you said that last time.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_11 Hero This time... this time I'll make it.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_12 Hero Let's try this again.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_13 HIVE Every new beginning is an opportunity to do things the right way.
Hero I'm not big on philosophy.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_14 Hero If I look at it objectively... I'm the one with another chance.
HIVE That is the essence of your advantageous position!
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_15 HIVE We can use what we learned from our past failures, make this knowledge count towards our chance of success.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_16 Hero I'm optimistic about this run. I think I can break through.
HIVE We need some improvement from the last run.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_17 Hero I'm sure I can do better than last time.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_18 HIVE Another opportunity to advance further than before.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_19 Hero This could be the run... I have a good feeling.
DIALOG_NEW_RUN_20 HIVE By the laws of averages, this should be a better run.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_1 HIVE You have been detected!
DIALOG_SPOTTED_2 Hero We've got company...
DIALOG_SPOTTED_3 Hero Oh... boy!
DIALOG_SPOTTED_4 HIVE Enemies in range!
DIALOG_SPOTTED_5 Hero They're on to me!
DIALOG_SPOTTED_6 HIVE Multiple hostiles incoming.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_7 HIVE You are drawing fire.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_8 Hero That's just what I need!
DIALOG_SPOTTED_9 HIVE You have drawn the attention of hostiles.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_10 Hero There's a few of them...
DIALOG_SPOTTED_11 Hero This could be a sticky situation, here.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_12 HIVE They've locked on to you.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_13 Hero They've locked on to me.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_14 Hero This is bad.
DIALOG_SPOTTED_15 HIVE Hostiles are targetting us.
DIALOG_SCAN_SIGNAL_TRACED_1 HIVE The signal was traced! Okkar incoming...
DIALOG_SCAN_SIGNAL_TRACED_6 Hero I've been traced.
DIALOG_SCAN_SIGNAL_TRACED_7 HIVE Okkar fighters incoming.
DIALOG_SCAN_SIGNAL_TRACED_8 HIVE The signal was detected by Okkar vessels.
DIALOG_SCAN_SIGNAL_TRACED_9 Hero They're on to me!
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_2 Hero Credits. Nice and simple.
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_4 Hero I'll take these, thank you!
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_5 Hero Straight into the account.
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_7 HIVE A direct monetary reward for your endeavors!
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_8 HIVE Counted and deposited.
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_9 HIVE Credits, better value by weight.
DIALOG_CREDITS_PICKED_UP_10 HIVE Credits are merely numbers to me.
DIALOG_UNDER_DRONE_FIRE_1 HIVE Do something about these drones!
DIALOG_UNDER_DRONE_FIRE_2 Hero So many of them!
DIALOG_UNDER_DRONE_FIRE_3 Hero I hate drones!
DIALOG_UNDER_DRONE_FIRE_4 HIVE It's like a swarm... finish them off!
DIALOG_UNDER_DRONE_FIRE_5 Hero These things are so annoying.
DIALOG_NANOBOTS_PICKED_UP_1 Hero Nanobots! About time!
DIALOG_NANOBOTS_PICKED_UP_3 HIVE Finally some nanobots!
DIALOG_NANOBOTS_PICKED_UP_4 HIVE Excellent. Tiny robotic friends.
DIALOG_NANOBOTS_PICKED_UP_5 Hero These will prove useful.
DIALOG_NANOBOTS_PICKED_UP_6 HIVE Nanobots will always come in useful.
DIALOG_NO_FUEL_FOR_JUMP_1 HIVE I strongly recommend sourcing more fuel as soon as possible!
DIALOG_NO_FUEL_FOR_JUMP_2 HIVE We do not have enough fuel on board for the next jump!
Hero Ah! I'd better find some.
DIALOG_NO_FUEL_FOR_JUMP_3 Hero Hmm... my fuel tank is almost depleted.
DIALOG_NO_FUEL_FOR_JUMP_4 HIVE Keep an eye on your fuel gauge. We don't have enough fuel left for the next jump.
DIALOG_NO_FUEL_FOR_JUMP_5 Hero We're low on fuel, need to take on some more.
DIALOG_ENCOUNTER_Tareen Hero Is that a trading ship?
HIVE Apparently so! Quite fortuitous to encounter one in these parts!
Hero About time!
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_1ST Hero Where are we now?
HIVE Exactly where we need to be at this present moment.
HIVE There is a portal. We need four AR Cores to activate it.
Hero A portal? What are you talking about? And what cores?
HIVE Unfortunately, I am bereft of details on the matter, only instructions. Let's just follow them and see what happens, shall we?
HIVE I have marked the generators holding the AR Cores. Procure them.
Hero All mystery from you! Can I get any straight answers?
HIVE Only the instructions I am supplied with.
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS Hero I feel we've been here before...
HIVE Retrieve the AR Cores... remember?
Hero Ah, this thing!
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_NEAR_CORE HIVE There is the generator. If you get close enough, I can hack into it and release the core.
HIVE Excellent! Now for the next one!
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_GOT_CORE_2 HIVE You have the AR Core. Let's proceed to the next one.
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_GOT_CORE_3 Hero I've got the AR Core.
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_LAST_CORE HIVE That was the final core. Now return to the portal!
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_FINISHED_1 HIVE Well, this is as far as my instructions go... There is undoubtedly more to come.
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_FINISHED_2 HIVE That is the end of the received instructions. I predict there will be more developments.
DIALOG_SECTOR_BOSS_FINISHED_3 HIVE It seems you have reached the end of my initial phase of instructions. There will undoubtedly be more to come beyond this point.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_1_DLG_1 HIVE There is a Colonial heavy fighter leaving hyperspace in front of us. Be aware!
Hero OK, thanks for the warning.
HIVE He has a jump suppressor! This does not bode well.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_1_DLG_2 Seth Nobu Who would have thought that Outlaws make such good informers.
Seth Nobu But they were right. You're still alive.
Hero I'm not sure we've been introduced.
Seth Nobu What you did was unnecessary. Destroying it all... How could you?
Seth Nobu After all the efforts we put into our plans. You betrayed me!
Hero Listen, I think you have the wrong man. I don't want any trouble.
Seth Nobu Don't play the fool. I hate to do this but I can't let you get away with this, Adam!
Hero Adam? Wait! I've seen you before... You... your name is Seth!
Seth Nobu What do you take me for?
Seth Nobu You can drop the amnesia act, it's time for you to pay!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_1_DLG_3_Seth Nobu_FLEES Seth Nobu Damn you, Adam! This isn't over yet!
HIVE Now that was a curious encounter.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_1_DLG_3_Hero_DIES Seth Nobu You brought this on yourself.
DIALOG_MISSION_Seth Nobu_1_AFTERMATH_DLG_1 Hero This Seth guy... I remember him vaguely. We were friends, weren't we? Why did he try to kill me?
HIVE It should not come as a suprise that most people want to kill you.
HIVE Only that this one was rather talkative.
Hero Talkative? He acused me of something I did and I can't remember! What have I done?
Hero Who am I...?
MISSION_Seth Nobu_2_DLG_1 Hero Hey! What's going on?
HIVE The ship has been immobilized and is being pulled out of hyperspace.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_2_DLG_2_Seth Nobu_KILLED_Hero Seth Nobu They were right! It's you again! How is that possible? I saw you explode!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_2_DLG_2_Hero_ESCAPED Seth Nobu Adam! I've found you again!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_2_DLG_3 Hero Seth. Wait. I'm beginning to recollect.
Seth Nobu Oh, really? Good for you! So what is your plan? Where are you going?
Hero I don't know exactly. I have coordinates, that's all.
Hero I'm trying to find some answers. Believe me, I wanna know what this is all about as much as you do.
Seth Nobu Wait... interesting. Coordinates...
Seth Nobu I knew it! You're a clone!
Seth Nobu I'm talking to a meat-bag! Oh, Adam, what have you done?
Seth Nobu I'll let you go, for now. Try not to cross me again, clone.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_2_DLG_4 Hero Well, that was a bizarre conversation. What does it mean?
HIVE It appears that you have some history with this individual. Perhaps there is some unfinished business.
HIVE But we have our mission to fulfil. Shall we carry on or theorise endlessly?
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_1 HIVE We have reached our destination.
HIVE Our mysterious friend has joined us! She must have followed us.
Denara Roslin Hey there. You're the first clone to have made it.
Hero What are you doing here? What is this place?
Denara Roslin I'm not sure yet. Let's fly in closer and see.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_2 HIVE Seth Nobu is here.
Hero It seems a few people have been waiting for me to complete this mission. What's this all about?
Seth Nobu I've guessed what this place is, have you?
Seth Nobu The original Adam Roslin's hideout!
Seth Nobu It took you long enough to get here.
Hero Why, Nobu? Why can't you just leave the past be?
Seth Nobu It's Adam Roslin I want, not you. There's a matter to be settled, and you play no part anymore.
HIVE I have run a diagnostic of the facility's defences. The entrance is DNA coded to your specific sequence.
Hero Okay, so only I can open the gates. This must be part of Roslin's plan. But what about these guys?
HIVE You must be unaccompanied for entrance to be granted. The entire facility is booby trapped against any attempted breach.
Hero You won't get in, Nobu. Time for you to drop your grudge.
Seth Nobu Listen, you brainless clone. I'm here for revenge and that's what I'm going to get!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_3 Denara Roslin Stand aside, Nobu! You've done enough damage!
Seth Nobu Denara? Oh, Denara... so you were the mystery helper! You should never have gotten involved.
Seth Nobu Your brother became something quite different from the man you knew. These clones are no substitute.
Denara Roslin My brother is in there, Nobu, and I intend to rescue him.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_4 Hero Denara? Roslin's sister? Now things are starting to make sense!
Hero What is she doing? Denara, wait!
HIVE Nobu has tactical support! She is heading straight into a trap!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_5 Hero No!!!
Seth Nobu She brought it on herself.
Seth Nobu Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business to finish with an old friend.
Hero Seth, you've done enough.
Seth Nobu You don't get the right to use my name, meat-bag. Just die!
Hero We gotta prevent him from getting inside.
HIVE He will be unable to enter the facility without the proper DNA sequence.
HIVE Just take care of his support first.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_1_FINISHED HIVE This was only the vanguard. Prepare yourself for more!
Hero I'm still trying to process that Denara was my original's sister. Why didn't she reveal herself to me?
HIVE Saving Adam Roslin was her primary objective.
HIVE It is likely she could not allow herself to become emotionally attached to the multiple clones she was supporting.
Hero Did she see anything of her brother in me? I'll never know now.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_2_FINISHED_HINT HIVE You could activate some of the turrets if you get close enough.
Hero That would help!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_2_FINISHED Hero What is this place, anyway?
HIVE An abandoned Colonial research station from the war. Made unusable when it was decommissioned, but some of the systems are still intact.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_3_FINISHED Seth Nobu You're still alive? Tell me how to get in!
Hero I won't be sharing that information.
Seth Nobu I'll find a way in without you.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_4_FINISHED HIVE We must surely exhaust his supply of fighters soon.
Hero I hope you're right. This can't go on forever.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_WAVE_5_FINISHED Hero This is insane! How did Seth get all of these Outlaws on his side?
HIVE They were undoubtedly bought.
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_ALL_DESTROYED Hero And that's that!
HIVE You did well! I register no further jump signatures.
Hero I just hope Seth didn't already gain access.
HIVE My scanners indicate that he is still alive and near the entrance.
Hero Alright, let's end this once and for all!
MISSION_Seth Nobu_3_DLG_1_REPEATED Hero Here we go again!
HIVE Take care of the remaining outlaws. We must clear the path to attain authorized access.
Hero Right.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_FIRST_1 HIVE There are still some scavengers remaining. While they are present, we cannot enter the lab.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_FIRST_2_NO_DNA Hero I'm not sure it's the right time to be coming back here.
HIVE Without DNA fragments you will not make any progress in overriding your body's time-limit.
HIVE I would therefore suggest best utilizing your time in tracking down the other clones first.
Hero That seems the more logical thing to do. Next time I come here I should have something with me.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_FIRST_2_HAS_DNA Hero If I clear the way inside, I take it we can start using the DNA fragments to fix me?
HIVE Or rather fixing your next iteration of clones, once we have all the fragments required.
Hero I hope this is worth it.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_FIRST_DESTROYED HIVE There are no further hostile signals in the immediate area. We may now access the lab unhindered.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_1 HIVE Scavengers. You need to clear the area of them!
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_2 HIVE You must be familiar with the routine regarding hostiles in this area by now.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_3 Hero What's attracting all these scavengers here of all places?
HIVE The ever increasing swath of battle debris, no doubt.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_4 HIVE Hostiles to negotiate before entry possible. You know what to do.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_5 Hero Outlaws again! What fun!
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_DESTROYED_1 Hero The way is clear. Let's get inside.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_DESTROYED_2 HIVE That was all of them, now let us return to the business at hand.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_DESTROYED_4 HIVE Entry is now possible, be quick about it.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_REPEATED_DESTROYED_5 Hero Suckers. When will they ever learn?
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_ALL_DNA Hero I feel like I'm approaching the end of a long journey. This is the last hurdle.
HIVE Indeed, these scavengers are the last thing standing in the way of completing your mission here.
MISSION_LAB_SCAVENGERS_ALL_DNA_DESTROYED Hero All right! This is it! Now let's get in there and get me fixed!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_1 Hero So what now? It seems a little anti-climactic. I don't feel any bit different.
HIVE What we have accomplished is correcting the DNA sequence conveyed to the clone factories. This simply means all subsequent iterations will have normal life-spans.
Hero So, after all that, I've still got a timer on me... I'm condemned to die?
HIVE Yes. I had assumed that you had ascertained as much.
Hero I... had a feeling it wouldn't be so easy.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_2 Hero Whoa! What the...?
Admiral Gorc Occupant of craft, take a good look at me. Do you know who I am?
Hero It's him... it's you, from my memories.
Hero Yes, I know who you are... Admiral Gorc. Your business was with Adam Roslin, not with me.
Admiral Gorc But you recognize me! As does every cursed copy of you fleeting about this sector! You, and every one of you, must be obliterated.
Admiral Gorc I can not allow any one of you to leave the demilitarized zone alive.
HIVE I take it your past life has caught up with you.
Hero I need to settle this now or there will be no way out. I'm taking this guy on.
HIVE We do not have the firepower to destroy a warship. But there may be another way to defeat him.
Hero Well, now would be a good time to tell me!
HIVE Fly to one of the turrets. We will need its energy core.
Hero Alright.
HIVE And while you are at it... try not to die.
Hero What do you think I've been doing all this time?
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_3_TAUNT Admiral Gorc I took a risk with you and I came to regret it. You saw too much, you know too much, and you have jeopardized my plans for this cluster.
Hero That was all Roslin, not me. But I know of your attempts to manufacture another war with the Okkar, and that's enough reason for me to stop you.
HIVE He is launching fighters! Look out!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_4 HIVE Get to the rear side.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_4_COVER HIVE Shoot the cover to reveal the core. Act fast!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_4_NO_POWER HIVE First we need to power it up.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_4_CORE HIVE Good! I will extract the core.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_4_CORE_EXTRACTED Hero What now?
HIVE The lab has a missile defense system, but whether it is still operational, I can not guarantee.
Hero A missile defense system? Wow, this place has everything.
HIVE Get us in close to the energy input.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_5_TAUNT Admiral Gorc Face your destiny, Roslin, this ends here.
Admiral Gorc Do you really think you stand a chance against a warship like this?
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_6 HIVE I have activated the silo.
Hero It works!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_7 Admiral Gorc Activate the blast shields! You obviously have more up your sleeve than I expected, Roslin, but I'm not finished with you yet.
Hero Neither am I, Gorc.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_8 Hero Damn! That was not what I was hoping for!
HIVE So long as his shields are active, we will not be able to deal sufficient damage.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_9 Admiral Gorc I've wasted enough time on you. Die sooner!
Hero What would you know about dying?
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_10 HIVE He is powering up a thermal beam!
Hero That sounds bad.
HIVE It will melt our ship in seconds. Quickly find cover behind something solid!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_11 Hero Okay, that was pretty hardcore. A lot of power!
HIVE All the ship's energy is diverted and his reactor cores put on overdrive. He is throwing everything at you now.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_12 HIVE The warship's blast shield is deactivated while the energy for the next discharge is generated. That is our window of opportunity.
Hero You think we can get another missile in there while it's in recharge?
HIVE Yes, but we have to follow the same procedure with the energy cores for each missile launch.
Hero It's never easy, is it.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_13_TAUNT Admiral Gorc How can you still be alive? This is not the feeble scientist I knew!
HIVE I set up a timer, keep an eye on it. It will tell you the best time to take cover and when to strike.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_14 Hero Yes! A direct hit!
Admiral Gorc You got lucky! But it will take a lot more than that to take my warship down.
HIVE We must persevere if we want to defeat him. He does not seem to be going anywhere.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_15 Admiral Gorc Oh, you will be so sorry for that!
Admiral Gorc I will burn you out of your hiding!
Hero He's repositioning the ship.
HIVE Choose your cover carefully!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_DLG_16 Admiral Gorc Was it really just principles that brought you to this? So many lives lost! Your friend Seth. Your sister Denara.
Hero Damn it, Gorc, I will make sure the whole galaxy knows of your traitorous plans!
HIVE Don't let him distract you! Concentrate!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIT_1 Admiral Gorc Your efforts are only causing me a minor inconvenience. I will make you and every one of you pay dearly!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIT_2 Hero Yes! Bull's eye! I think... I think this is working!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIT_3 Admiral Gorc Okay, you have me in a compromised position. Come on board and let's talk this through.
Hero Gorc, you are a man of no honour and I will never take you at your word. No dice, no more talking.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIT_4 Admiral Gorc I can't believe it! What did you do? My beautiful ship!
Hero I'm ending this now, Gorc, and putting your plans to rest.
Admiral Gorc I will not go down like this. Not like this!
Hero Face it, Gorc! You lost! It's over.
Admiral Gorc If there is one consolation, it's over for you too. The reactors are in meltdown and this ship will take out everything in sight with it. There is no escape.
Hero Don't forget, there's more of me, Gorc.
HIVE Prepare for impact.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_1 Admiral Gorc Time to end your miserable existence!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_2 Admiral Gorc Surrender and face your death!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_3 Admiral Gorc There's no escape. Your efforts are futile.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_4 Admiral Gorc You're an especially annoying clone, I must say.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_5 Admiral Gorc Stop wasting my time and surrender!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_6 Hero This is exhausting!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_TAUNT_7 Admiral Gorc Why are you still alive? Die, already!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIDE_1 HIVE There is not much time left! Find a place to hide!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIDE_2 HIVE The thermal beam is almost charged! Take cover somewhere!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIDE_3 Hero Not much time left! I need a safe spot.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_HIDE_4 Hero Time's almost up. I need to shield myself.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_STRIKE_1 HIVE Now would be the optimal moment to launch a missile.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_STRIKE_2 HIVE He is vulnerable. Launch a missile!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_STRIKE_3 Hero His shields are down. Now is my chance!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_STRIKE_4 Hero Okay, time for the missile treatment.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_REENTER_1 Admiral Gorc Here you are again! There is no leaving the zone, don't you understand that yet?
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_REENTER_2 HIVE He is waiting for us.
Admiral Gorc Another of the merry band of clones! Welcome, welcome.
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_REENTER_3 Admiral Gorc Have you not yet realized that this is the end of the road, clone?
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_REENTER_4 Admiral Gorc I was starting to miss you. Our meetings are such fun.
Hero Speak for yourself!
MISSION_Admiral Gorc_REENTER_5 Admiral Gorc Back for more punishment, I see...
MISSION_AFTER_Admiral Gorc_RUN_1 Hero I'm my own man with a full life-span. What now?
HIVE A normal life might take some adjusting to.
MISSION_AFTER_Admiral Gorc_RUN_2 Hero Well, this crazy place has offered me all it can, and I don't like it. Too aggressive.
Hero What's the quickest way out of here?
HIVE Roslin's lab marks the end of the demilitarized zone. We would have to go there to navigate our way to neutral or Colonial territory.
Hero All over again? Sheesh.
HIVE I can not calculate any alternative routes.
MISSION_AFTER_Admiral Gorc_RUN_3_NOT_DEFEATED Hero What about Admiral Gorc and his giant ship? Is it safe to assume he is still out there waiting for me?
HIVE It seems he has fixated on that location as your definite point of arrival and he will persist in trying to stop you.
MISSION_AFTER_Admiral Gorc_RUN_4 Hero Well, in that case... let's get going!
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_FIRST Hero Whoa! This is a blotch on the landscape.
HIVE The reactors on Gorc's ship went into meltdown after the numerous missile hits and expenditure of energy on the rays. This should be marked as a historical battlefield!
Hero It has the look of one. The lab... It's completely gone!
HIVE It is no longer needed. You accomplished your mission and every clone will be produced without the time-limit flaws from now on.
Hero So, that means... all the clones that arrive here will be free to do what they want! Endlessly.
HIVE There is a high probability you will encounter a lot of Adam Roslin's in the future.
Hero Yeah, but is that a good or a bad thing? Should we do something about that?
HIVE I do not see the point in taking any measures. Remember, every Adam Roslin is not alone, they will have some guidance of wisdom.
Hero Wait... you mean? Oh yeah, right, like a ship computer will keep them sane...
Hero I dunno. Whatever happens, I'll be avoiding local bars. Never know who I might run into.
Hero Oh well, my head hurts from thinking about it. Let's just get out of here.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_1 Hero Here we are! Set course to a random inhabited planet outside the zone.
HIVE Affirmative.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_2 HIVE Our work is done here. We should leave.
Hero Yeah. Set course to the nearest colonial station.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_3 Hero We made it! Now it's just a short jump to freedom.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_4 Hero I can start a new life now. Generate jump coordinates.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_5 HIVE I will set a course to a nearby colonial research lab outside of the zone.
Hero That sounds great!
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_6 Hero Thanks for the support! I'm glad we did this together.
HIVE I had no choice in the matter. As the ship's on-board computer, I am hard-coded to assist.
Hero Right. Well, just get us out of here!
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_7 Hero It's over! Where should we head to next?
HIVE I could generate coordinates to a random nearby system outside the zone.
Hero Let's do it!
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_8 HIVE From here, you can freely choose where to proceed.
Hero Doesn't really matter. Look for a peaceful area that's not too far away. I'm tired of fighting.
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_9 Hero Let's get out of here. I've been in the zone long enough!
MISSION_LAB_DESTROYED_10 Hero Can you find me a nearby planet? Preferably inhabited. Colonial.
HIVE Let me see... Yes! There are plenty. Should I choose one at random?
Hero Yes, please! Just get me out of here.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_1_DLG_1 Denara Roslin Hey there! Do you need some supplies?
Hero Hmm? Who are you?
Denara Roslin I'm just a friend. Make good use of the things I left you. We'll meet again soon.
Hero Thanks, but... Why are you helping me?
Denara Roslin I'm in a good mood today. Look, just be thankful of some random support when you can get it, okay?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_1_DLG_2 HIVE She jumped away.
Hero Well... There's no reason to complain. But, it's strange all the same.
DIALOG_MISSION_Denara Roslin_1_AFTERMATH_DLG_1 Hero So, who was my mysterious helper? I wonder if we'll encounter her again.
HIVE You appear to be fixated on this particular exchange.
HIVE The chances are high we will meet her again, considering she said as much.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_FUEL_1 Denara Roslin There you are! Looks like you could use some fuel.
Hero Hey, thanks! Look, I could at least know your name!
Denara Roslin That doesn't matter right now. Perhaps another time, okay?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_FUEL_2 Denara Roslin You're low on fuel? Let me help you out.
Hero How did you know? I appreciate the help, but... are you following me?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_FUEL_3 Denara Roslin Help yourself to fuel, looks like you need it.
Hero You again! I think we should be introduced at this point, don't you?
Denara Roslin You're welcome! See you around!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_NANOBOTS_1 Denara Roslin Your ship looks like it could use some repairs.
Denara Roslin Here, have some nanobots.
Hero Just what I needed, thanks. But when will you tell me who you are?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_NANOBOTS_2 HIVE It's our mysterious helper again!
Hero Hey, nice to see you again! Can we talk at some point?
Denara Roslin I'm a bit pressed for time. Just take these nanobots and try not to die.
Hero Easier said than done but... thanks!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_NANOBOTS_3 Denara Roslin Just in time! Looks like your ship is about to fall apart at any moment.
Hero So I assume you got some spare nanobots?
Denara Roslin I do. Take better care of yourself next time.
Hero Yeah, um, I appreciate it!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPLIES_1 Denara Roslin Hey, it's me again! Need some supplies?
Hero Sure! But I can't help feeling I'll have to pay at some point.
Denara Roslin No strings attached, just take what you like.
Denara Roslin Take care!
Hero Yeah. Bye, again.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPLIES_2 Denara Roslin Hey fellow traveller! Need some supplies?
Hero You're selling now?
Denara Roslin Gratis as always. Take what you like.
Hero Wow, this helps a lot!
Denara Roslin Just get to where you're going, okay?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPLIES_3 Denara Roslin Hey! Fancy bumping into you again!
Hero More than just a coincidence, I think...
Denara Roslin Just take it at face value and accept what supplies you need.
Hero You're very generous. I really don't know how to thank you.
Denara Roslin You'll find a way, perhaps.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_1 Denara Roslin Hey, you need some help?
Hero I'll take whatever help I can get.
Denara Roslin Great! Lead on!
Hero Um... Okay...
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_2 Denara Roslin You look like you could use a little back-up!
Hero Oh, hi! Well, I'm getting used to this, you know?
Denara Roslin Let me join you for a while. Strength in numbers and all that, eh?
Hero Sure, why not.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_3 Denara Roslin Oh, there you are! I found you again!
Hero Or, I suspect, you've been following me.
Denara Roslin Purely by chance, I assure you. Listen, this area is a little active with hostiles, what say we join forces for a while?
Hero I could do with the company, I suppose.
Denara Roslin Excellent. You lead the way!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_1 HIVE Your friendly helper has just jumped in.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_2 HIVE Your companion has made a reappearance.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_3 Hero There she is again, Miss Mysterious.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_4 Hero She's back! Nice to have some company, I suppose.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_5 Denara Roslin Hey, fancy bumping into you again!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_6 Denara Roslin You look like you need some company.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_7 Denara Roslin I'm back! Miss me?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_8 Denara Roslin Looks like I arrived at the right moment.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_9 Denara Roslin You look like someone who could use a helping hand.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_ARRIVE_10 Denara Roslin I had a feeling you could use a bit of help.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_1 Hero You know, you haven't told me your name yet.
Denara Roslin Oh, really? I must have forgot.
Hero So...?
Denara Roslin If you don't mind, I prefer not to get too personal.
Hero Is a name so personal?
Denara Roslin I'll tell you when the time is right. But let's take care of some Outlaws first, okay?
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_2 Hero So what are you doing out here, anyway? Where are you headed?
Denara Roslin Let's cut the small-talk and concentrate on your mission, okay?
Hero How would you know about my mission?
Denara Roslin Call it a hunch. I'm just here to help.
Hero This is all very cryptic, but I appreciate the help where I can get it.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_3 Hero Soooo... Remind me, why are you helping me again?
Denara Roslin I never said. If you really need to know, let's just say I'm an old friend.
Hero An old friend. So you knew my original?
Denara Roslin Oh, I've already said too much.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_4 Hero Are you perhaps a Colonial agent? Or something else?
HIVE Her ship is not registered on any Colonial database.
Denara Roslin Call me ... something else.
Hero The more I ask, the more curious I become.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_5 Denara Roslin There can be an ugly surprise behind every asteroid. Stay sharp!
Hero I'm not new to this, you know.
Denara Roslin I'm only trying to look out for you.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_6 Denara Roslin What is it your looking for here exactly?
Denara Roslin Maybe it's time to move on.
Hero I'll jump when I'm ready.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_7 Hero I should tell you how grateful I am for all the assistance, by the way.
Denara Roslin No problem. Just don't count on it every time. I can't be everywhere at once.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_8 Hero It is nice to have someone to chat with once in a while.
Hero I mean, real human conversation...
Denara Roslin Yes.
Hero Right...
HIVE So this is what you call a conversation? Impressive.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_9 Denara Roslin Just so you know, if things get too out of control, I'm out of here. I cant risk the one life I got.
Hero Hmm, okay. No hard feelings.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_IDLE_10 Hero Are you certain you want to be here? Things can get really nasty!
Denara Roslin Don't worry about me. I'll save my own skin when the time is right.
Hero Well, sure, we all have our priorities.
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_1 Hero Can you help me out here?
Denara Roslin I'll do my best!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_2 Denara Roslin Watch out!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_3 Denara Roslin Hang in there!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_4 Denara Roslin Leave some for me!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_5 Hero Good fight!
Denara Roslin Yeah!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_6 Denara Roslin Now this is what I call a good fight!
Hero You certainly have the reflexes!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FIGHT_7 Hero Are you okay?
Denara Roslin Yes! I'm fine!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_1 Denara Roslin Got one!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_2 Denara Roslin Strike!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_3 Denara Roslin One less bad guy to worry about!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_4 Denara Roslin Got him!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_5 Denara Roslin You asked for it!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_6 Denara Roslin Ha ha! Got you!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_KILL_7 Denara Roslin And he's gone!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_1 Denara Roslin Sorry, I'm out! Try to stay alive!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_2 Denara Roslin This is too much for me! See you next time!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_3 Denara Roslin Count me out! This is too intense!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_4 Denara Roslin I've taken too much damage! I'm out!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_5 Denara Roslin Jump drive engaged! I'm out of here!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_6 Denara Roslin That's as much as I can do! Good luck!
MISSION_Denara Roslin_2_SUPPORT_FLEE_7 Denara Roslin You'll have to continue without me. I have to go.
FLASHBACK_2 Hero I saw myself again... dying.
HIVE This must be a memory from your original. Apparently a flaw in the transference protocol. The AETERNA system was meant to filter such personal recollections.
Hero Wait.. what are you saying? My original? I'm a...
HIVE A clone. Yes. Usually this is not realized by limited-use copies. The function of AETERNA was to pass on operational skills, such as piloting, but it seems something has gone wrong here.
Hero Stop. This is a lot to take on board all at once. Why is this happening? Who am I? Who is my original?
HIVE I have no information on that. Perhaps there is a purpose to this aberration which will become clear upon reaching the coordinates given. I have no answers, unfortunately, but I am as curious as you are.
FLASHBACK_3 Hero I had another vision. And I think I know my name... Adam. Adam Roslin.
HIVE Interesting.
Hero Do you have any information on that name?
HIVE I do not. But this level of cognizance in a clone is highly unusual. I would like to help you learn more in order to understand how this happened.
Hero Let's find some answers.
FLASHBACK_5 Hero This Seth Nobu... he was a friend.
HIVE In which case, next time you could perhaps convince him not to shoot at us.
Hero If only I knew what my original did to make him so angry... What did he mean by betrayal?
HIVE It appears that you must navigate Adam Roslin's past in order to find the answers.
Hero I just need to put the pieces together.
FLASHBACK_6 Hero Seth Nobu and my original worked on something together. We were partners.
HIVE Whatever went wrong between you two, he obviously maintains a grudge. It would be preferable if you got to the root of the disagreement so he can stop shooting at us!
Hero I have a feeling there's more to follow.
FLASHBACK_7 Hero I had another vision, maybe more clues. There was a high-ranking Colonial commander.
HIVE Do you recall the name?
Hero He was an Admiral. By the name of Gorc.
HIVE Yes, Crin Gorc is a rather powerful figure in the fleet.
Hero Okay, so the plot thickens.
FLASHBACK_8 Hero I saw that Admiral again. Another piece of the puzzle.
Hero My original was forced to work on an illegal cloning program. He refused out of principle.
HIVE So Adam Roslin did not carry out the task?
Hero It seems they put him in a compromising position. They poisoned him. That's all I remember.
HIVE These flashbacks, like scraps of being, are difficult for me to understand. I dwell more in the interconnectedness of things.
FLASHBACK_9 Hero Another memory came to me. I saw Adam Roslin's escape.
HIVE So he did not succumb to the poison?
Hero He was suffering from it, at least. He made it to a hidden lab...
Hero Our destination, perhaps.
HIVE We are near to discovering that. The coordinates point to a system only one sector away.
Hero The whole story is within our reach. Let's get this over with.
FLASHBACK_11 Hero So, HIVE. It looks like we'll be spending more time together.
HIVE I presume there have been further developments?
Hero I need to source a series of DNA fragments to override the time-limit on my body. I need your help.
HIVE Strange that you should choose mortality over an endless supply of clone copies.
Hero I can't handle the constant resets forever. I want a new start, a real start and a long life.
HIVE I can empathise to a degree. To be in control of your own destiny?
Hero Yeah, you got it. Let's start looking for those fragments.