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V0.4.16214 was a major update that came with Everspace 2's early access release on Steam and GOG on January 18th, 2021. It was released a few days early for all backers who had access to the closed beta on January 15th, 2021. Corresponding Kickstarter update.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]


  • Added new star system (Union) with many new locations
  • Added new main missions, side missions, location challenges
  • Added full voice acting (English only)
  • Added two new player ship classes (Scout, Gunship)
  • Added seven new enemy ships (Okkar Fighter, Okkar Interceptor, Okkar Corvette, Okkar Drone, Okkar Shield Charge Drone, Okkar Jump Suppressor Drone, Outlaw Proto Scout)
  • Added crafting and equipment modifying
  • Added ship customization
  • Added a "wanted system" which is active in the Union star system
  • Added new weapon type "Gauss Cannon"
  • Added Augmentation Modules, allowing players to tweak ship stats
  • Added special "high risk" locations
  • Added new options (toggle inertia dampeners, fps cap, use operating system mouse position)


  • Improved overall game performance
  • Redesigned main & pause menu
  • Added more situational dialogues
  • Changed how device modes are unlocked and activated
  • Tweaked amount of commodities & tec resources
  • Improved HOTAS support and added new presets
  • Rebalanced game difficulty and progression
  • Added more variation to job & unknown signal locations
  • and many further smaller tweaks and bugfixes
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The current version is Early Access V0.8.25412 which was released on April 13th, 2022