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V0.4.16428 was a minor update to Everspace 2 that released on February 4th, 2021.

Developer notes[]

Hey pilots,
The latest build just left the experimental stage and is ready to download as Patch 0.4.16428, featuring a few new options, a number of tweaks and bugfixes as well as some performance optimizations. Note that we are now using dx11 as default because it seems to run more stable, and we are not yet using any dx12 features, atm. Here's the detailed list of changes:

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]


  • Added centered crosshair mouse controls
  • Added option to show mouse deadzone on screen
  • Added option to show HUD center on screen


  • Improved planet surface performance
  • General performance improvements
  • Savegames are now compressed sizing them down to about 5% of the previous size
  • Added in-game option to delete manually created save games
  • Reduced supralight visual effects intensity
  • Reduced cruise mode visual effect in First-person Mode
  • Improved camera dynamics in Cockpit View
  • Unused Energy Coils and Batteries will now go back to their original position if you re-enter the location/load a savegame
  • Mine Sweeper job can be solved by disarming mines as well
  • During Outlaw Chief boss fight drones now focus the player more so they won't fly away too far
  • The normal shield of the Outlaw Chief boss will not recharge if the "unbreakable" shield is depleted
  • Save headlights on/off state
  • Made option slider percentage bars clickable
  • Show in-game dialogs on top of Unlock Messages
  • Reduced opacity of Early Access banner


  • Increased Gunship ULT (Turret) charge amount per kill
  • Reduced Gauss Cannon spread
  • Increased Flak range
  • Increased Thermo Gun energy consumption
  • Reduced Thermo Gun range
  • Reduced EMP Generator debuff duration
  • Capital ships and freighters are now immune to "EMP" and "Webbed" debuffs
  • Reduced Scout Weapon Range expertise bonus


  • Fixed crash when equipping consumables to another player ship before launching from the Hangar
  • Fixed crash when selling a ship, returning to the Homebase, and then switch ships (also retroactively fixes savegames)
  • Fixed multiple Augments on a single attribute not applying correctly after loading
  • Fixed engine trails sometimes missing after undocking
  • Fixed ship being invisible when playing in no cockpit 1st person view and docking to a station other than the Homebase
  • Fixed focus loss / stuck at the save menu screen when using Gamepad to overwrite an existing save game
  • Fixed gamepad focus loss when buying a new ship and having it transferred to the Homebase
  • Fixed installed equipment not being transferred to storage but being lost when selling a ship from the Homebase
  • Fixed the cockpit seat mesh sometimes being positioned behind the player ship
  • Fixed gamepad autoroll option affecting joystick input (added a separate option for joystick input)
  • Fixed not being able to rebind Left Mouse Button
  • Fixed ships for sale sometimes having falsely increased stats
  • Fixed signal decoders changing rarities in cargo after a new one has been picked up
  • Fixed rebuy inventories of traders not clearing after leaving the location, leading to not being able to sell to traders
  • Fixed Jumpgate VFX render sorting
  • Fixed Energized Boost "Compressor" not correctly resetting duration after changing locations
  • Fixed being able to enter photo mode during landing animation, resulting in a weird state
  • Fixed revealed areas not staying revealed if you re-enter the location/load a savegame (e.g. caves, tunnels, secret rooms)
  • Fixed Drone Spawners sometimes spawning drones inside of level geometry
  • Fixed Downtime Warrior perk not resetting for devices that refund charges or reset cooldowns
  • Fixed multiple stacks of Downtime Warrior perk
  • Fixed targeted devices being usable on "dead" enemies
  • Fixed devices vanishing from shops
  • Fixed fixed container loot not scaling to player level if a location was entered with a lower player level first
  • Fixed Flak projectiles not detonating nearby mines
  • Fixed Recharge Speed Bonus of boosters having no effect
  • Fixed wrong location image for currently active high-risk areas
  • Fixed wrong position of a few HUD elements in ultra-wide
  • Fixed sensor modifier "Tag mines at 1500m range" not working correctly
  • Fixed that some destructible walls cannot be destroyed by rockets
  • Fixed Magnetic Repulsor mode "Serial Pusher" adding multiple charges
  • Fixed Perk Upgrade animation gets stuck and blocks screen
  • Fixed Various navigation and refresh bugs in the crafting screen
  • Fixed some affixes that do not make sense on all weapons
  • Fixed some typos
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