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V0.5.18292 was a major update to Everspace 2 that released on April 28th, 2021, after initially being available on the experimental branch of the game starting April 23rd. It was titled the "Union: Contracts/Hinterland" update. Corresponding Kickstarter update

Developer notes[]

We've just released our first big content update. It features new main and side missions, a new player ship class, a new companion, a new boss fight and many quality of life improvements, tweaks and bugfixes.

Note that we rely on temporary text-to-speech voices for the new missions until we've started a new recording session. These fallback dialogs can be turned off in the audio settings. Also, you can continue with your saves, but we encourage you to start a new game to enjoy all the changes we've made.

Additions, Changes, & Fixes[]


  • Added new main and side missions
  • Added new player ship class: Bomber (heavy fighter)
  • Added new companion
  • Increased level cap to 15 and added three new player perks
  • Added EMP Missiles
  • Added new Outlaw units: Bloodstar Prospector, Bloodstar Overseer, Outlaw Drone Carrier
  • Added new Bloodstar-branded equipment
  • Added resolution scaling setting
  • Added NVIDIA DLSS setting
  • Added experimental HDR support
  • Added setting for third-person camera stiffness
  • Added keybindings for cycling through on-screen enemy targets
  • Added batch actions for processing multiple items at once
  • Added overview screen for data tab
  • Added new WIP narrated cinematics
  • Added new/hint indication marker for some menu tabs and items
  • Added current conditions bar to ship menu tab
  • Added dedicated mission inventory to hold mission items instead of ship cargo


  • Manual saving is now possible anywhere while not in a fight or mission
  • Balancing: Slower leveling by reducing enemy XP, slightly increased enemy DPS and HP
  • Enemy levels are more varied now; enemies above player level more common
  • Slightly reduced Uncommon and Rare drop chances for low levels
  • There are now cooldowns when installing new weapons/consumables
  • Homing missiles now require a short lock-on sequence, and missiles will only home in when fired while target is on screen
  • Reduced Augmentation bonus from 30 to 20 per Augment
  • Increase ship slots on Hhomebase from 3 to 5
  • Greatly increased resulting Critical Hit Chance bonus from Precision attribute
  • HUD markers for discovered objects will now be saved and restored when entering a location / loading a save
  • Modules will now always have a Firepower, Precision or Structure bonus attribute if rarity is at least Uncommon
  • Increased heavy ship deceleration with enabled inertia dampening
  • Show additional offscreen damage indicators in HUD
  • Reworked movement for most NPC ships, resulting in a less "beeline" attack style
  • Enemies will now boost when investigating
  • NPC ships will less likely carry the battle to the location bounds
  • Reduced Outlaw Sniper Drone focus time
  • Outlaw Destroyer: Now fires missiles while weakpoints are exposed, easier to spot weakpoints that now also change color when hit, more base hitpoints, higher weakpoint damage multiplier
  • Sniper Drone will now try to keep 2km distance from player
  • Consume at least 30% of maximum ULT charge when canceling ULT
  • Faction item rewards will now have the player level when claimed
  • Challenge tasks are now tracked individually instead of the whole collection
  • Increased controller Auto-aiming strength for mines
  • Auto-aiming will now ignore friends/neutrals
  • Increased amount of damage needed for a G&B Freighter to turn hostile, but now always turn them hostile when a container was (mostly) destroyed by the player
  • Changed Speed Booster Recharge Speed from 500% to 300%, increased Recharge Delay from 1s to 2s
  • With a Cruise Booster equipped, you can now activate Cthe cruise Mode faster (1.8s → 1s) and closer to enemies (2km → 1km)
  • Increased charge duration and energy consumption of Rail Gun, slightly decreased kinetic base damage
  • Targets affected by EMP will now receive 30 seconds of EMP immunity after the effect ends
  • Energy Orbs: Now always floating towards the player, replaced effect bonus perk level with armor recharge, better spawn effect
  • Slightly decreased signal decoder and color drop chances for some enemy types
  • Added VFX to make Outlaw Armor Drones stand out more
  • Slightly increased maneuverability while webbed
  • Added RESIST and IMMUNE impact labels (e.g. EMP on freighters: Immune, EMP on fighters with EMP Resistance: Resist)
  • Reduced magnitude of bonus attribute values (Firepower, Resistance, Precision, Utility, Structure)
  • Decreased Thermo Gun kinetic damage by 33%
  • Baron Executioner: Increased kinetic damage, removed energy damage
  • Salvor Jaeger: Decreased spread, slightly increased kinetic damage / decreased energy damage
  • Show "influence" offscreen indicators for NPCs that are debuffing the player (e.g. webbed by Webber)
  • Dedicated Ssupralight music in Union system
  • Optimized sorting options and internal order of item property priorities
  • Removed unnecessary amount selection for some item transfers
  • Added small animation and highlight when selling to rebuy shop inventory
  • Added icons and quality of life improvements for perk upgrade and the investment process
  • Custom ship style slots now display the selected colors
  • Hide HUD marker for items pulled with Tractor Beam
  • Made page indicators in customization screens navigatable and clickable
  • A small indicator is displayed below the player health bars when inertia dampeners are turned off
  • Show "tracked" icon in pickup log on top of item icon when tracked for perks
  • New mesh for the Flying Dutchess trading ship
  • Freelook/orbit cam is automatically entered when activating autopilot in Ssupralight
  • Autopilot can now also be activated/deactivated with target lock binding (middle mouse button is the default)
  • Player armor, health, and shield bars now all have the same length
  • Show energy bars in a different color when carrying an energy orb to make it more obvious that energy is unlimited now
  • Reworked Thermo Gun projectile VFX
  • Reduced Energized Boost "High Pressure" mode impulse to prevent physics-related issues
  • Rigged Asteroid UI displays the currently activated and the overall amount of detonator triggers
  • Changed name and appearance of tutorial "Outlaw Ravager" to "Bloodstar Overseer" in the tutorial
  • The game is now also auto-saved when undocking from a station and having visited a menu or made any changes
  • Decreased "create new energy sphere" hold duration from 3 seconds to 2 seconds
  • Show max level info message when reaching Max Level
  • Prevent save scumming in regards to ship and shop offers
  • Various UI/Menu tweaks
  • Updated Unreal Engine to 4.26, potentially fixing some low- level issues (like graphics crashes or problems with available resolutions)


  • Fixed Bomb- Thrower re-enabling shield after death
  • Fixed broken state when loading a save game on Ayres Relay Station with Striker
  • Fixed player ship not being auto-repaired when leveling up while docked at a station
  • Fixed energized boost "Compressor" mode stacking
  • Fixed weapons not always facing straight during supralight
  • Fixed overlapping dialogues after finishing a job
  • Fixed finished job locations still showing on Map if they have item rewards that are unclaimed
  • Fixed Tractor Beam sound not pausing when the game is paused
  • Fixed camera view occasionally being automatically switched to third- person after using jump gate
  • Fixed playing time not properly updating after crossing the 144 hours mark or so
  • Fixed Interceptors "Power Converter" not using Boost Energy for charging weapons
  • Fixed Coil and Rail Guns having the "high-velocity" affix
  • Fixed Corrosion Injector "Mercy Kill" mode not resetting cooldown for insta-kills
  • Fixed consumable/device keys not showing changed keybindings and also automatically refresh many icons/buttons after a keybinding change
  • Fixed new high- risk area waypoint not immediately showing after using signal decoder at a location and setting waypoint via map
  • Fixed "Tag Mines" attribute of Sensor not working correctly
  • Fixed having to change joystick throttle or other axis input again after pause/resume in order to receive the current axis input
  • Fixed Missile Defense System sometimes locking up in a loop
  • Fixed that when trying to use shoulder buttons as modifiers for keybindings the options menu tab would change instead
  • Fixed that activation of Signal Decoders was were not possible if max amount has been reached and one high- risk area was just discarded
  • Fixed stat attributes not updating after upgrading an item
  • Fixed shop discounts falsely granted for non-equipment
  • Fixed previously used player ship in Hangar still casting a shadow when currently viewing another player ship
  • Fixed high-risk-location icon looking different in Ssupralight to what it looks like on the map
  • Fixed secondary weapon meshes being hidden after having switched to "1st person no cockpit view" and going back to third- person
  • Fixed dialog window being transparent after plating help message was shown
  • Fixed interact repair hold sound not stopping when moving out of interact range but still holding the interact button
  • Fixed that EMPing a mine counted as having cleared the mine although the effect wears off after some time
  • Fixed reactor repair costs not matching the mission amount
  • Fixed player mines being hostile after loading a saved game
  • Fixed minable resources HUD marker being visible after fully mining a resource and then re-entering the location later
  • Fixed multiple bugs regarding sorting of inventories
  • Fixed a problem that showed zero credits for all items in shops
  • Fixed wrong rarity displayed in resource log (HUDhud) after taking-all-items action in containers was used
  • Fixed inaccessible Distress Calls being shown on the map
  • Fixed that upgraded modules may not receive mandatory firepower, precision, or structure attribute
  • Fixed devices and ULTs becoming less powerful in higher levels
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