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V0.5.18385 was a minor update to Everspace 2 that released on May 4th, 2021.

Developer notes[]

Thanks for all your feedback on the big content update that dropped less than a week ago. Overall, the response from the community was very positive, but a few issues did slip through the cracks. To get those kinks ironed out, our team has been working hard to swiftly deliver this hotfix with the changes below:

Alrighty, this should be it until the next major content update drops in summer, opening the jump gate to the third star system Zharkov where new main and side missions, another companion, and lots of new secrets and activities await.


  • Fixed some keys occasionally not working in menus
  • Fixed a blocker in "Smoke & Mirrors" mission in which the cave could not be entered
  • Fixed "Return to surface" waypoint in "Smoke & Mirrors" mission not properly succeeding if any waypoint was missed along the way
  • Fixed a blocker in "In Heart Scrap" mission which ended the mission after prematurely destroying the functional drill unit
  • Fixed not being able to return Cephas Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Fixed Elek's HP and DPS not scaling correctly
  • Fixed special cases in which joystick keybindings were lost on restart
  • Fixed ARC-9000 explosion not damaging the player ship unless the "Reduced damage from ARC-9000 explosion" perk was active
  • Fixed ARC-9000 explosion sometimes ignoring enemies
  • Fixed a problem in a Lost Cargo job in which a destructible wall didn't spawn mission containers correctly
  • Fixed being "nowhere" when leaving a generic job location after having loaded a manual save that was created there after having finished the job
  • Fixed being able to manually save during active tasks in job/signal locations
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