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V0.7.22403 was a minor update to Everspace 2 that released on November 9th, 2021.

Developer notes[]

We've just released a hotfix patch, fixing a few issues that came with last week's update (V0.7.22328).


  • Changed Vindicator Drone mesh
  • Reduced texture streaming strain on GPU memory
  • Slightly reduced Vindicator drone hp and damage bonus from Expertise
  • Increased damage and radius of "Exploding Drones" Vindicator passive


  • Fixed that invasion enemies sometimes were 50km high up in a location
  • Fixed fast-forward button not being visible despite being unlocked
  • Fixed location completion showing more than 100% (still showing e.g. 9/8 for existing savegames)
  • Fixed location completion not correctly updating completion for some locations (need to revisit locations to update correctly)
  • Fixed location names on map not being visible after changing map modes
  • Fixed fast travel button not correctly restoring on Spatial Bypass locations after changing map mode
  • Fixed Thermo Gun projectiles re-initializing incorrectly, resulting in stretched trails
  • Fixed Fusion Hook "Kunai" mode targeting invalid / out-of-range enemies
  • Fixed Vindicator Drones pre-emptively attacking Bloodstar units during "I Heart Scrap"
  • Fixed Vindicator Drones shooting at Hawke's Colonial Light Fighter during "Smoke & Mirrors" and "The Eye"
  • Fixed Vindicator Drones shooting at inactive ships during "Parasite"
  • Fixed some audio concurrency issues
  • Fixed that hangar tab showed that there was something to repair or restock although there wasn't
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