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V0.8.25327 was a minor update to Everspace 2 that released on April 6th, 2022.

Developer notes[]

Thanks for all your feedback on the big content Stinger's Debut update (V0.8.25290) that dropped less than a week ago. Overall, the response from the community was very positive, but a few issues did slip through the cracks. To get those kinks ironed out, our team has been working hard to swiftly deliver this hotfix with the changes below:


  • Balancing: Reduced EMP Generator effect duration
  • Balancing: Reduced Bloodstar Raid Plating hitpoints
  • Balancing: Adjusted Utility scaling curve for diminishing returns in late-game but greater bonus in early-game
  • Balancing: Increased drop chances for pure and flawless resources
  • Integrated localization changes suggested from Crowdin community


  • Fixed that during "The Magic Of Umami" while chasing Maddocks at Sato Orbit some doors were closed if side mission "Spelunking For Madcaps" was done before, resulting in a mission blocker
  • Fixed "Cargo Full" loot screen sometimes showing up after pulling multiple items at once although there still was cargo space available
  • Fixed "Cargo Full" loot screen sometimes showing invalid items after pulling multiple items at once that could result in all sorts of weird glitches including freezes and crashes
  • Fixed that players who were at "From Scratch" mission when they updated from version 0.7 to version 0.8 were unable to collect the required Aetheum crystals because of a replaced resource ID
  • Fixed "optimized" affix effect still affecting item after new catalyst has been applied
  • Fixed Gunship turret damaging the player's ship
  • Fixed that damage values displayed in device descriptions were not buffed by Utility
  • Fixed Stinger expertise falsely showing up as a passive
  • Fixed that blueprintable variants of items did not display the blueprint progress correctly
  • Fixed wrong rarities of dropped blueprints if there were no more locked blueprints for a rarity
  • Fixed that pillar-shaped asteroids in generic Zharkov locations could have wrong rotation
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