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The Vanguard is a lightweight, highly maneuverable reconnaissance ship in Everspace 2 with a high emphasis on speed/mobility and defensive measures. The Vanguard’s Special “overcharges” the shield to up to 200% capacity when boosting or when in Cruise Mode allowing for shield-buffed attacks. Thanks to its Expertise of increased critical hit chance when attacking enemies from the rear, clever combat positioning can provide a significant advantage in dogfights. When things get too messy, the Vanguard’s Ultimate “Time Extender” slows down the action, allowing pilots to regain the upper hand in any given combat situation.

Special Effect (Passive)[]

Overcharge: Flying above normal speed overcharges the shield up to 200% capacity which then slowly deflates back to 100%.

Ultimate Ability[]

Time Extender: Bend the spacetime continuum to dilate the flow of time around the ship.

Equipment Slots[]

  • Primary Weapons: 2
  • Secondary Weapons: 2
  • Consumables: 3
  • Devices: 3
  • Cargo: 18


  • Shield Bonus: -10%
  • Armor Bonus: -20%
  • Expertise: Critical Rear Attack
  • Ship Speed: High (102 m/s)
  • Handling: High (843)


The following passive effects are currently available for Vanguards:

  • Can activate cruise drive with enemies nearby.
  • Time Extender immediately restores all weapon and boost energy.
  • Up to 20% support device cooldown reduction depending on overcharge percentage.
  • Reduce Web effect by 50%.