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Vindicator Heavy class ship

The Vindicator is a new Heavy Fighter type ship class in Everspace 2 switches it up with the highest mobility of all Heavies and the unique capability of using drones to deal damage. The Vindicator’s drone focus is supported by both its expertise, which increases drone hull hit points, and its Ultimate ability, Phalanx, to immediately spawn all missing drones, greatly increase their fire rate, and synchronize them to attack your locked target. The Vindicator’s Special ability, Reanimator, turns the wrecks of destroyed enemies to your advantage. Interacting with wrecks spawns or repairs your currently active drones. These reanimated drones have an unlimited lifetime and you can have up to 5 active at a time.

Ship Special Effect[]

Reanimator: Destroyed enemies may leave behind a wreck that can be salvaged to spawn an allied drone that persist between locations. You can have up to 5 drones active at a time. Gain 100% increased shield capacity that is reduced by 20% for each spawned drone.


Phalanx: Greatly increase your drones fire rate and synchronize them to attack your locked target. Temporarily spawns any missing drones for the duration of the effect.

Equipment slots (II+)[]

  • Primary Weapons: 2
  • Secondary Weapons: 1
  • Consumables: 4
  • Devices: 3
  • Cargo: 33

Stats (II+)[]

  • Shield Bonus: 15%
  • Armor Bonus: 15%
  • Expertise: Drone Hull Hitpoints + Vindicator Drone Damage
  • Ship Speed: 82 m/s
  • Handling: 191


The following passive effects are currently available for Vindicator:

  • Maximum number of active drones increased by 1
  • Drones are invulnerable during Phalanx
  • Drones regenerate 1% hull per second
  • 50% reduced damage from enemy drones
  • Drones explode in a violent blast, damaging and slowing down nearby enemies