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Weapons in Everspace 2 are active items used in combat to deal damage. There are two main groups: primary and secondary.

Primary Weapons[]

Main article: Primary Weapons (ES2)

Primary weapons are the main damage dealer of ships. Each equipped primary weapon has its own energy pool. Most specialize in either kinetic or energy damage, but some are more general-purpose.

Secondary Weapons[]

Secondary Weapons are single-use items (most stacking up to a certain amount) without any significant cooldown best used as a supplement to primary weapons. They can be restocked for credits at stations.

Weapon Modifiers[]

Weapons can be found or crafted with certain special modifiers and prefixes. These provide a unique ability or aspect, or can increase stats in different ways.


  • Calibrated: Reduced spread
  • Efficient: -20% energy consumption
  • High-velocity: Increased projectile speed
  • Intuitive: Can be used at a lower player Level
  • Marksman: +30% range
  • Optimized: All bonus attributes at maximum value
  • Powerful: +20% damage
  • Prototype: +1 level (+10% dmg, +5% energy capacity, +4% energy consumption)
  • Rapid: +25% fire rate (equal to +25% damage output and +25% energy consumption)
  • Starforged: +2 levels (+22% dmg, +10% energy capacity, +8% energy consumption)