Aedan Everett's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1

Jess never came home last night. Starting to get worried. She's a capable pilot, I know, but I have a bad feeling, Going to try to track her down, there may be a mechanical failure. Or maybe... No, I can't think like that now. Gotta stay focused. Day 3 No sign of her so far. My sense of unease is growing. Something is seriously wrong. Damn it all. Day 5 I found the wreckage. Didn't even get the chance to say goodbye before they struck. Bloody pirates. I've come out too far without supplies. Everything's failing now. Life Support, shields, everything. I guess this is it then. Day 6 The air is getting heavy; it's making me tired. Think I might rest my eyes for a bit. When I close my eyes, I can almost see her standing there. Waiting. Where was I going? Can't... remember. Home? That's right, I was going home. Jess is waiting for me... Don't worry love... I'll be there soon...

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