Wreck/Alan L. Espasandin

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Alan L. Espasandin's Log Entries from a Wreck
DAY 246

We lost our co-pilot today. During an attempted rescue of a drilling pod he was crushed by falling debris.

DAY 266

It has been twenty days since we lost our co-pilot, the crew is tired and most of them incapacitated from operating errors. We are filling our last container. Heading back to the TruEarth Refinery tomorrow.

DAY 270

We got a late start back... I am saddened to report that I am alone. The TruEarth Titan was hit by a rogue asteroid yesterday, The impact split the ship in half... I am in the bridge section, the rest of the crew is in the rear, but we have no contact and I don't know if they are alive, or if they know I am. I hope someone eventually finds me... I'll hunker down in the escape pod until I am rescued. The only movie on the database is 'Deet n' Bax Save th' World' - I am truly screwed. Tell my wife love her.