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Big Al's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1:

We're testing the latest stealth tech for HQ, disguising our ship as a freighter - it feels like flying a bus! The navigator mentioned false readings - objects appearing and then disappearing on radar - interference from the cloaking tech. She created a patch for the program - seems to work - she's due a promotion!

Day 5:

Received instructions from command to cross the Dareius Asteroid Belt and scan some sectors for safety assessment. The crew is not happy about the flight path - it's been a pretty bumpy so far and they're not so keen to enter a shipwrecker zone, especially with untried tech...


The navigator has come up with another patch to help avoid the more hazardous asteroids - confidence is back and riding high.

Day 7:

The tech is holding up. The auto-nav algorithm is predicting the path of all collision risks. Crew seems content...

Day 8:

All navigation systems lost - can't reboot - switching to manual nav. Stealth still functions. Can't request assistance due to risk of alerting the hostiles to the mission.

Day 9: We're being pounded by debris - the ship has taken a beating - no matter how we maneuver, asteroids come right at us. It's as if we were a magnet for them... I have never seen anything like this!

Day 13:

We've landed on a large asteroid to recuperate. The crew are exhausted, the ship is battered beyond recognition. At least we were able to scan the rendezvous sectors and send the results to command. Extraction team is on its way.

Day 15:

Rescue team was intercepted by outlaws. We watched them being slaughtered from our hidden position, unable to help. It was terrible.

Day 18: Crew are mutinous, blaming the navigator for our predicament. Can they be right? Did the patch she made actually act as a beacon?


Charlotte Cummins, ship navigator, age 44, ejected into space by crew. RIP.

Day 27:

We have managed to salvage parts from the rescue vessel, enough for makeshift repairs. The crew have voted to make an attempt at pushing through the belt. From there, we'll just have to drift in space in the hope some friendlies find us before hostiles!

Day 30:

Oxygen is nearly depleted and no signs of vessels in the vicinity. Crew are to hold a vote on opening the air hatches and speeding up the inevitable.