Wreck/Captain... (DATA CORRUPTED)

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Captain... (DATA CORRUPTED)'s Log Entries from a Wreck
Log Entry: Day [47]

A few days ago I found this package on the black market. Seller wanted it off his hands as fast as possible - too hot for him. Package was government, capital letters classified. Inside was a polished metallic ornate orb, covered by patterns that looked like constellations and regularly dotted With circular indentations. I thought I'd been played, but when it activated, it projected a holographic display. Strange writing and a system I couldn't recognize, but the star map was easy enough to decipher. It directed to something... the opportunist in me sees the potential of reward, so away I go into the unknown.

Log Entry: Day [54]

What I found was even greater than my wildest dreams. It's massive. A huge metal sphere, just like the orb, but roughly 2360 km in diameter, circling a black hole. Venturing inside, it was lit, had an atmosphere, With moving layers of rings like a gigantic gyroscope. A brilliant light shone at the center. It's too hard to express the awe I felt in words. With this discovery, I will be rich beyond belief!

Log Entry: Day [55]

I am lost. The docking bay which allowed me in so easily has just vanished seemlesslv into the endless outer walls. The swaying gravitational pulls from the motion within the spere are making me increasingly ill. I am alone, but I sense I am being watched at every moment. I am filled with dread as a pulsating sound throbs through to my bones.

Log entry: Day [57]

I have managed to find my craft and escape the sphere. The experience has left me shaken, disoriented and afraid. I can still hear the throbbing sound and can not sleep. Must put more distance between me and... whatever that was.

Log entry: Day [63]

I am being followed. Surely, that must be the case. I encountered and hailed a mining ship yesterday, the first contact I have had since my adventure began. It began to approach my craft but then the throbbing sound became more intense and the mining ship just imploded into a wisp of plasma dust before my eyes. Am I hallucinating? I am too afraid to sleep and have been taking stimulants to stay alert. Images of a colossal, tentacled being on my trail keep flashing into my mind, although can still see nothing.

Log Entry: Day [DATA _ CORRUPTED]

I reached a military station and momentarily felt relief, I had found refuge. We spoke on the com. and they were warning me that it was a restricted area, but before I could explain my predicament. all I heard was screaming and twisting metal and then it was gone. The whole station, just gone. Am I cursed?

Log entry: Day (DATA _ CORRUPTED]

I can't stop shaking... stimulants depleted. I have been running more days than I can count. Is it waiting for me to sleep? I must fight the tiredness. The maps indicate that I am only a few more jumps to civilization - safety, if I can just make it there. My eyes feel heavy, my soul feels sick...