Wreck/Captain Daljit Chandi

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Captain Daljit Chandi's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1: I sold damn near everything I owned (and a few things I didn't), but I got the money to buy my own ship. It's an older fighter, but she handles like a dream. I'll be living out my own dream of exploring the galaxy and living off what I find and salvage. Today is the start of what I expect will be a magnificent future!

Day 5: The future is not magnificent. It's brutal, scary, and pirates are a bunch of jerks. I was salvaging an old wreck when they attacked. I won but I barely made it out with my ship intact. I'll need to find a shipyard soon. This system is crawling with pirates, so I'm going to jump to another one to find a repair facility.

Day 12: I've done a lot of running for my life lately. I got my ship mostly repaired only to be attacked again after my next jump. You know who's worse than pirates? Aliens. Bunch of unreasonable malcontents. I escaped, but I'm being hunted. I don't know how much longer I can last. I need to make repairs to... Oh crap they're back, I have to--