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Captain Julien Kessler's Log Entries from a Wreck
Personal Log (FINAL ENTRY):

Hi Maggie, I don't have much time. I was attacked by a swarm of outlaws, and I beat them off, but they got enough of me too. I can't leave the system, and I'm sure they'll be back with reinforcements.

Please know that I fought like hell to get back to you, to hold you, and that I'll continue to fight to the last.

I hope this message reaches you so that you'll know I didn't despair. I'm thinking of the weekend at Lake Louise, never making it out of the hotel room. The way your hair smells like Autumn during a fall dig. And your smirk, wondering when I'll crack as you go on about the composition of such and such rock.

Thank you for rescuing that nervous girl at her first off-world bar. For making me laugh like no one else can. For making me feel like I belong. For being my home. These last 7 years were everything to me. I love you, Maggie. I love you.