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Francisco Martinez's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1

Override code cost me a fortune, but it let me take this ship in seconds. Clipped wingtip at end of runway. Rough landing when engines cut out. Days work to fix. Rogan will be pissed at the delay.

Day 2

Damage is more serious than I thought. Torn metal cut both hydraulic and fuel lines. Fixed both, but fluid levels are low. Will handle engine damage tomorrow. With this one job, I can finally get Rogan off my back.

Day 3

Hot today. Nothing to drink anywhere. Bashed engine fairing back into position with a rock. Cut my hands. Must rest, but with Rogan charging me 25 percent interest a day, I've got to keep going.

Day 4

Tried engine start, no battery power. Set up a solar panel to charge it.

Day 5

Engine started. Alarm lights on the dash. Lost the rest of my hydraulic fluid somehow. Going nowhere. If I can't get the ship to Rogan today, I'll end up owing him again.

Day 6

No sleep. Tired. Thirsty. Seeing double, hard to focus. I'm screwed.