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Humphrey D. Feathershaw's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1

So here I am, Humphrey D. Feathershaw the Third, making his first grand voyage in space! Mummy said hauling cargo would be dangerous, but whenever I was around my Grand-papa's house he'd read me stories of the space pioneers and by Jove I'm determined to make it out here!

Day 19

Some ruffians hailed my ship today and demanded my cargo. I tried to reach and amicable agreement with them but they started firing! I was only saved by the kindness of a passing vessel. The whole experience has left me rather discombobulated...

Day 73

I... I killed someone! After my earlier experience, I had some weapons installed on the ship. I was attacked once again, but my superior equipment won me the fight, and his vessel was consumed in a ball of plasma flame. The strangest thing? I didn't feel bad about it. As his bio-sign faded on my scanner, I felt nothing at all other than the hum of my engine reminding me I needed to get my cargo delivered. Is this what life in space will always be like?

Day 569

Looking back on my early logbook entries gave me a good laugh. I don't bother with such frivolities anymore. I was such a noob back then! I must be up to, what, 50 ships destroyed by now. My ship resembles less of a freighter and more of a gunship than anything else. I walked into a bar yesterday on some dive of a station and the other patrons avoided making eye-contact out of sheer terror. I've made quite a name for myself. If fear is the only currency going in this hellish corner of space, I've made a good investment.