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Joyce Tenner's Log Entries from a Wreck
Finally! My very own space ship. About time, too! I don't want to sit in Aleen's jalopy anymore, listening to her brag about those plushy control sticks or her annoying new boyfriend. Uhh... he works at Aeterna, he makes so much credits. Aeterna my BOTTOM [censored / HIVE]! She'll never know what it's like to work her BOTTOM [censored / HIVE] off for her own things! That's why I didn't take her along for today's joyride. That and Anthony! Oh, Anthony! I met him on Spacebook and he seemed so nice and he was so interested in my new ship, what a great guy! Today I will meet him! He wrote me that I should come alone, I think it's going to be romantic! He sent me the coordinates and I'm gonna be on my way soon! Oh what a joy! He said he'd welcome me with all he got. And that's exactly what I need right now! See, Aleen? Who's the FEMALE DOG [censored / HIVE] now?