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Kellen Till's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 9

They're nearby - my instincts tell me that, even if the scanners don't How are they onto me? They can't have tracked me and nobody knew meeting point. Look, this can still play out well - just stay focused and think of the reward

Day 10

They're here... Those armaments and shields look unusually strong this far out? I can't outrun or outgun them, maybe I can outsmart them? For once I gotta shot up, shut the ship down and pray I can hide this out. After all, if they don't see or hear me, was I ever actually there eh?! Kellen - if you make it out of this you've got to ask yourself if this risk is worth it anymore...

Day 12

Who said space was cold. I'm burning up in here with the life-support down. This could be my lucky break though... There's some debris about to pass by... should be a cinch to gently guide the ship into its path and drift away from them. Only catch is I gotta power up for a second or two...