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Lieutenant Commander Kwa' Dazok's Log Entries from a Wreck
Entry 01

Something big hit me! I've lost navigational control, the transmission system is down and all engines are offline. I'm sorry Kia! But I guess I won't make it in time for the holidays!

Entry 02

The weapons system are back online. It looks like I have a leak somewhere, however. I am losing oxygen. There's no hope of rescue unless I can fix the transmitter.

Entry 03

For a moment, I thought I was being rescued, but when they were close enough I realized the trouble I was in - Raiders! They thought I was sitting duck, but they clearly didn't expect that my weapons were still working. I just waited until they were close enough and then...

Entry 04

My oxygen is running low. One of the pirate wrecks seems still in working order, I've been working non-stop to try repair it. Now I will make the attempt to transfer onto it and hope that it can get me out of here. This might be my last message. I love you Kia!