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Mr. LBM's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1

Finally a chance to make log entries. Bought this little baby from a guy called G. Burrows who didn't have clue what it was. With all the speed limits in his system he never got higher than cruise speed, guess he forgot to equip an FTL - feels like new.
Feel a bit sorry for ripping him off, but who cares he was loaded anyway.

Day 3

In my excitement at getting a deal I forgot to check if the manuals were on board, damn, half the stuff is missing. Only got that stupid quick starte guide... and the computer is still voice-printed to Burrows... this could be a problem...

Day 5

Have been searching the whole damn ship for two days now, can't find any manuals or overwrite commands and not much left to eat. Buying this 8900 series was maybe a bad idea... not to mention all the cargo I have on board and wanted to sell for some nice profit...

Day 6

Distress call is up since yesterday... no sign of help...

Day 7

Worst case scenario has transpired - pirates... auto-defense activation impossible without manuals... why me, why me...