Nico Broemson's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 1

Flightschool is out after a hard slof! Still hungover after the graduation ceremony. Today is my first day as a freelance pilot! Now taking a look at spaceships in my price range.

Day 3

Nothing I've seen is to my liking - all with poor shielding or in bad repair. Not safe enough for what I'm planning to do!

Day 6

Okay, it's small, but cute. I had to haggle a bit for it, but it's the one I want. I wonder if I should give it a name? I know - Daisy!

Day 7

I am now the captain of my very own ship! Signed the contract this morning. Down-payment was transferred but I'll have to work the rest off. No hyperdrive, but, hey, there's room for improvements.

Day 18

Earning a living out here is harder than I expected. Small jobs keeping my busy, but I'll be in this system forever paying off the bills. I need a better plan, I must be more ambitious!

Day 27

Got an assignment which pays great, but my current employers are suspect, to say the least. No idea what I'm carrying, but whatevers in cargo is making a hell of a racket!

Day 47

The credits are pouring in! I'll have that hyperdrive in no time!

Day 56

I stayed at the station the whole day watching Daisy get her new Hyperdrive. Here goes my first jump!

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