Wreck/Oren Sabacca Marcus

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Oren Sabacca Marcus's Log Entries from a Wreck
SOL Day 757

It's been so long since we've been outside. Over two Sol years we've been stuck in this ship. But that ends soon. Our delivery is almost complete. It has been so hard to stay hidden, away from the others. No ship must see us. No scanner must detect us. No being must know we're here... Not yet.

SOL Day 770

We've arrived at the meeting place. A strange part of space. I'm not familiar with these surroundings. But no matter. Once we get our credits, we're gone. Honestly, I'm nervous. She's nervous. How will the exchange go down. A part of me wonders if they will even show up. So far they haven't... Not yet.


It's done. Finished. No more hiding. No more cloaking. No more silence. Thank the 'verse. It's time to reconnect. Time to enjoy the return on this 2+ year investment. Time to start that life we've been dreaming about. But truthfully, something tells me we aren't yet truly free from our burden... Not yet.