So-Nye's Log Entries from a Wreck
Day 26

I am so close but still so far away. The uncharted planet that has been calling for me all my life is just a parsec away, but it will take an eternity to get there without a functioning hyperdrive. That damned planet! My father was the first to discover it, and my goal is to reach it and name it in his memory. I must fulfill my obligations.

Day 29

Have I been sabotaged? Does someone else intend to reach the planet first for the naming rights? Such things have been turning over in my mind as I sit here helpless moving only at a crawling pace towards my destination. There is no poetry to the random name K700, it reflects none of its mystery. Mallory, after my father, is much more suitable!

Day 34

This might be my last message. The radar has picked up several approaching vessels in attack formation. Not much I can do besides sit and be at their mercy. I should have paid more attention in flight school, then maybe I could have repaired something. I should have just let that planet be...

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